Diana [One Direction/Harry]

Diana Roberts, the girl who's life was a mess.

Harry Styles, the boy in her favorite band.

She tweeted, he saw.

She inspired him to write a song.

The song became a hit, and now he's off to find her.

But what if...

He's too late.


2. Chapter One


Harry's POV~


'This is actually a really great track.' Paul smiled widely as he bobbed his head along with the music.

It'd been three months since 'Diana' came out and two weeks since Midnight Memories came out.

Surprisingly, 'Diana' was a hit... We thought 'Best Song Ever' would out do it, but it didn't.

'I wonder how Diana's doing.' Liam said aloud, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Hmm... I've never really thought about her in a while.

'Yeah, she's the whole reason why we even wrote the song... Well aside from our fans, she inspired us.' Louis nodded in agreement. 

'She's probably on Cloud 9 because we sang about her.' Niall chuckles. 

'I'm gonna tweet her.' I chuckle along with Niall.

I slowly pull out my phone and unlock it, opening the twitter app and searching @Diana_xo... Yes I still remember her user, I mean... It's pretty easy to remember.

I notice that her tweets were very happy and cheery.

'still not over the fact that the boys have a song entitled with my name!' 

'diana is my all time favorite song(:' 

'harry's solos are the best <3'

I smile at the last tweet and favorite it. 

I quickly hit the follow button and tweet to her, 'Hey Diana(:'. 

After tweeting her, I shove my phone back into my pocket.


Diana's POV~


Aching... I wince at the pain all over my body and manage to heave myself up. 

I look over to my side and let out a sigh of relief, he wasn't here...

Scenes from last night's horrible events flash through my mind, sending chills down my spine. 

But suddenly, beeping of my phone snaps me out of my trance.

I slowly pull myself out of bed and stumble towards the dresser, trying my best to avoid the broken glass from the shattered beer bottles. 

I retrieve my phone without stepping on any glass and tip toe back to the bed. 

Unlocking my phone, I find my twitter mentions blowing up.




Wait- What?

I quickly check my followers, damn I gained a lot...



And that's when I saw it...

Harry Styles, with the verified check mark. 

He followed me.

I cover my mouth, my smile was so huge and I was squealing like crazy. 

I begin to jump up and down, even if my body was aching. 

My problems were soon forgotten and all that filled me was happiness.

Nothing but happiness.

But all faded faster than it came once the door creaked open...

'What the fuck are you doing?' Tyler, my boyfriend, growled as he entered the room. 

'Harry followed me!' My smile still on my face. 

And instantly my left cheek filled with pain, due to his hand making contact with it.

I fell to the ground, dropping my phone as well. 

Tears now beginning to stream down my face as I just lay there, sprawled against the floor, shattered glass piercing into my skin. 

I winced at the impact, still on the floor.

'Get your shit together.' He demanded, 'You'll be late for school.'

I could tell that he'd already had a few drinks, even if he'd had quite a lot last night.

And with that, he left the room.

I sighed as I gulped, swallowing my pride and getting up, despite the added pain.


'Why?' Chelsea whispered as I wiped the counter with a cloth.

Chelsea was my only friend.. So I guess you can say that she's my best friend.  

Only she knew about my abusive relationship, but I'm so thankful that she kept it to herself.

'Why what?' I chuckled. 

'Why did he do that?' She gestured from my arms, to wrists, to my neck, and to my cheek... Pointing at all the cuts and bruises. 

'I- I don't have the answer to that question... But trust me Chelsea, he's a good guy.' I faked a smile as I finished cleaning the granite surface. 

'I hate seeing you hurt.' She frowned, 'If I were you, I'd just leave him and go back home to my parents-' 

I immediately cut her off, 'I'm never going back to my parents.'  

'But it's better than living in an abusive house!' 

'Shhh... Keep it down...' I shushed her even if there wasn't anybody in the store. 

'But still... You know that I'm right... Diana, it's been a year... Just go back to your NORMAL life. Go back to high school, go back to your home... Please.' Chelsea begged, her eyes filled with sympathy. 

I shook my head, 'I don't think my parents want me there anyways... That's kind of the reason why I left.'

But to be honest, I'd love to come back... It's just that I swore to myself and to my parents that I never would... Ever since they adopted Olivia, that's all they've ever cared about... Not even their real daughter. 

I'm never going back...  

Even if they've emailed me a billion times, even if they've called and texted me every week... 

I don't wanna look like an idiot. 

I don't want them to think I'm weak. 


'You'll regret not going back...' She smiled as a customer walked in. 

'Yeah, whatever...' I roll my eyes and take the man's order.


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