Diana [One Direction/Harry]

Diana Roberts, the girl who's life was a mess.

Harry Styles, the boy in her favorite band.

She tweeted, he saw.

She inspired him to write a song.

The song became a hit, and now he's off to find her.

But what if...

He's too late.


6. Chapter Five


Diana's POV~


I smiled at myself as I finally finished packing up for the trip.

It was actually pretty easy, due to the limited amount of clothes that I own- But overall I was super stoked about meeting my idols.

My flight was tomorrow morning at 2AM, yeah... I know right? It's superrrrrr early! I guess it was the only available flight since it's November, and apparently November is suppose to be the busiest time to travel? I don't really know, I just heard.





I felt around my jeans for my phone and quickly picked it up, already knowing who it was, 'Hey Chels!' I say cheerfully.

'Hey Dee-Dee!' She giggled.

'Dee-Dee?' I raise an eyebrow, even though she couldn't see me.

'Shh, it's your new nick name.' She whispered.

'Aha, alright.' I giggled, 'So... What's up?'

'Oh nothing much- I'm just super excited about the meet and greet tomorrow!' She squeals.

'I know, I know... I am too!' I squeal along with her.

'If I faint, please catch me... Especially because of... N-N-N-'

'Niall?' I giggle.

'Mhmm... I swear that Irish accent is seduction.' She says in a flirtacious tone.

I couldn't help but laugh aloud at her voice, 'You done packing?'

'Oh please, I finished like two days ago. How about you?' She asks.

'Just finished.' I smile.

'But still, I can't believe we're meeting them! Oh and by the way what time do you want me to pick you up?'

'Umm... 12:30pm? It takes like fifteen minutes to get there and we still need to check in, go to the luggage place, get checked up, and exc...' 

'Alrighty!' She sing songed.

'I guess we're set! I'm just so excited to finally travel, and on top of being able to not even pay a single penny for this, I get to meet my idols-'


And out of no where I feel a hard punch get thrown at my back, making me drop the phone and curl up in a ball.

I look up in pain and see a drunken Tyler.

'Where the hell do you think you're going?' He smirked down at me.

I remained silent, which made the situation even worst.

'ANSWER ME YOU FILTHY BITCH!' He grabbed my hair and shoved me towards the wall.

'I-I-I'm g-going ou-out with Ch-Ch-Chelsea-' I began, but only got inturupted by his hand making contact with my cheek.

I let out a whimper and exploded into tears, 'Tyler- P-P-Please s-stop i-it! You're drun-drunk!'

'Don't you FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO!' He yelled as he flipped over my desk, all of my papers and books flying across the room.

I covered my mouth as he kicked my stomach, me collapsing down onto the floor.

'YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE YOU LITTLE WHORE!' He yanked at my hair once more, causing pain on my scalp.


The feeling was unbearable. This was perhaps the billionth time he'd done this, and I've had enough. Chelsea was right, I should've listened to her. I should've left him the first time he did this. I should've went back home to my mom and my dad, I should've stayed in school. But I let him take over my life, I let him control me.


I then noticed my phone on the floor, the call with Chelsea was still going on. 


With all of my strength I managed to crawl towards the phone and place it on my ear, 'Ch-Chels?'

'Be ready at 12:00pm tonight, pack up everything you own, your laptop, your books, your belonging, everything. I'm picking you up.' She quickly hangs up the phone.

I locked my phone and lay there on the ground for a good ten minutes, when I knew that Tyler was asleep for sure, I did exactly what Chelsea said.


I was escaping this place and there was nothing that could stop me.


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