Predator & The Prey

What was so special about him? Well nothing really, he wasn't even good, he was a killer... Just like the rest of the leeches there with him. So why can't I get him off my mind? Why is he stuck there like a fly caught in a spiders web? I hate him, I hate all his friends! I wish I could just forget him... The thought never crossing my mind again. But I can't.

I am a vampire hunter by the name of Tara Phoenix, and I fell in love with the strongest vampire of them all...


3. The Dream

Tara's P.O.V

"We are here today to honour the death of Joshua Linton, he was young, courageous and kind to all around him-"

I didn't like listening to the man go on about how Josh died, he-actually no- most of the people in this room had no idea how Josh had died, they had no idea what he did for a living.

They were saying it was animal attack that was the cause of Josh's death, the doctors decided it, they wrote down on Josh's file that the cause of death was an animal attack.

An animal attack? Please. What kind of animal drains a human of their blood?

People don't want to believe that there are creatures lurking in the darkness, they don't want to believe that there's is something incredibly strong and powerful hiding in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to attack again. So what they do is they tell themselves that it was just an animal attack, that there couldn't possibly be any other explanation about it. It frustrates me to the point where I want to hit someone, but I don't blame them. I don't blame them for not wanting to believe, because if I had the choice, I wouldn't believe either.

Zack's voice interrupted my thoughts, he was standing up on the podium looking at the coffin in which Josh was going to be buried in. "Josh," Zack took in a deep breath and then continued "well, Josh was my brother. Not only that though, he was my best friend. I loved him, and now that he's gone... Well, it's as if a part of me is missing. I honestly don't know what I should say, so I'm just gonna end it by saying that Josh died a hero, he gave his life protecting others, protecting me. He will always remain with me, in my heart and in my mind. The memories of him will live on forever." Zack's eyes flicked up to mine, his eyes were red and puffy from the tears that had fallen from his sparkling brown eyes. His eyes then flicked to Xavier's then Aubrey's. What he was about to say was directed at us.

"We will find him."

It was as if Zack was making a promise to Josh. Out of the three vampires we fought on Halloween one survived, the leader. He was abnormally strong (for a vampire). He was the one that kissed me.

Zack had made us all a promise.

One that I knew he wasn't going to break.


We were back at the hunters hideout, it was basically just an old building. We were always at risk of being bitten by poisonous spiders, luckily none of us have been hurt in this house. There's a bunch of other bedrooms in the house, Xavier and Aubrey were in their bedroom's now fast asleep, Zack however, was not. He was throwing a ball up against the wall in the room next to mine. I could hear it as it hit the wall making a loud bang and also causing a lot of dust to fall on me.

I settled into bed and listened as Zack continued to throw the ball against the wall, I found myself slowly getting sleepy and all my thoughts stopped as I drifted off to sleep.

I was in the school corridors again. My heart began pounding as the vampire stepped out of the shadows.

"What do you want!" I screamed.

His hand shot to my neck blocking off the air. The feeling had become quite familiar now...

His eyes were as black as the night and the two shining fangs came into view. He let out a hiss and adjusted his head so it was at my neck.

"Why did you kiss me?" I managed to choke out, I had to know before I was killed by him.

The vampire stopped what he was doing and moved away from my neck. His face changed from his vampire look to how he looked when he was human, it was his disguise, it was before he was changed into a monster.

Looking at him I took in his features. His skin was fair and his hair was black, it was medium length and straight, he had a side fringe that sat just above his eye. He also had a strong type build and his eyes were a baby blue colour.

"Why do you want to know Sweetheart?" He asked a smirk on rising on his face. "Did you enjoy it?"

If looks could kill he'd be dead right now...

He continued on, understanding that I wasn't going to reply.

"So tell me Sweetheart, why did you kill my coven." He asked, now pacing back and forth in front of me.

"Let's just say it's my job."

"Oh I see, you're a hunter." He span on his heel so he was facing me.

"Why are you so strong?" I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me.

A smile was growing on his face again, "That, Tara, is a question I will answer the next time I see you."

He began walking away into the shadows again.

"Wait!" I yelled.

"Yes Sweetheart?" He had stopped a few steps away from the darkness of the shadows.

"How do you know my name?"

He had moved over to me in a second. Holding my chin he tilted my head up so I looked directly into his eyes. "I know a lot more about you then you think Tara Phoenix."

He walked off into the shadows leaving me with a warning.

"You better be careful Sweetheart."


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