Predator & The Prey

What was so special about him? Well nothing really, he wasn't even good, he was a killer... Just like the rest of the leeches there with him. So why can't I get him off my mind? Why is he stuck there like a fly caught in a spiders web? I hate him, I hate all his friends! I wish I could just forget him... The thought never crossing my mind again. But I can't.

I am a vampire hunter by the name of Tara Phoenix, and I fell in love with the strongest vampire of them all...


2. Fighting for Life

Tara's P.O.V:

The last few hours have been a complete blur.

Josh is currently in a hospital fighting every second to stay alive. His hearts been stopping and starting again constantly through out the past few hours. Zack hasn't said a word to any of us since Josh was bitten, all he's done is sat in the corner and stared at a wall.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened tonight. A vampire, of all creatures, kissed me. Vampires don't have feelings they don't feel anything, they are cold blooded killers that couldn't care less whether we were dead or alive. They only care about themselves. So why? Why would he kiss me?

The loud and frightening beeping of the heart monitor interrupted my thoughts. Josh was slowly slipping away from us once again. Xavier and Aubrey were pushed out of the room in which Josh in almost immediately.Aubrey, her head down came over and sat next to me, the tears running down her face shimmered all so slightly as they rolled off her chin and landed on her lap, dissolving into her ripped and bloody jeans.

"Do you think he will make it?" Aubrey asked. The question took me aback, I stared at Aubrey's pale face and began thinking about the question she had just asked me.

Josh, would he live or die? What did I think? I didn't know really. As I faced Aubrey once again a sigh escaped my lips as I told her the only thing I knew "I don't know what will happen to Josh."

This didn't help in any way. Shock plastered to herface. I saw her eyes stare into mine for quite some time hoping that what I had said was all in her head.

She wanted me to give her good news. To say that Josh was going to be perfectly fine, that he'd live. That everything would go back to normal. When in reality, nothing would be the same again. Even if Josh were to wake up, to fight of the darkness threatening to envelope him for eternity... He still would not be the same. He would never forget the fact that he had almost been killed by a bloodsucking parasite, he would never forget the fact that he had been so close to death yet so close to life, he would never forget the fact that it could happen again in a split second...

Nothing would be the same.

I felt Aubrey's hand latch onto mine when more doctors came barging out of the break room and into Josh's room. I held onto Aubrey's hand for she was not the only one who was terrified of Josh's fate. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I watched the clock tick by ever so slowly.

Zack still had no emotion on his face, the doctors have suggested that he's in shock. I want to go over to him, to give him a hug, tell him that everything will be okay. But if I can't even make myself believe that, how will I get him? Xavier has tried and tried again to get him to say something, but as we suspected he remained on the chair outside Josh's room, watching the blank wall in front of him, not saying a word to anyone.

The door to Josh's room opens again and a bunch of doctors come piling out. I look at them desperately hoping for positive feed back. "He's okay." One of the doctors say before I even get the chance to ask. I nod back and thank them all then move towards Josh's room. It's my time to see him.

As I walk into Josh's room a foul stench reaches my nose. I never liked the smell of hospitals, they always had a certain smell to them that reminded me of sick people and death. I reached out for Josh's hand that was flopping over the side of the hospital bead. The heart monitor was beating in time again, it reminded me of a metronome as it ticked in time so the musician would know when to play.

I pulled out a chair and sat down so I was next to Josh's head. "Hey Josh." I said. "We miss you, all of us, Zack the most though." The words were pouring out of me like a waterfall and I couldn't seem to stop. "I wish you'd wake up, we are all waiting." Tears began streaming down my face, I couldn't hold it back anymore, I dropped Josh's hand, leant up against the back of the chair and let all my sadness takeover, I sobbed quietly into my arms as I slowly drifted off to sleep.


I was in a room with mirrors all around me, a dance studio by the looks of things. In fact this dance studio looked all too familiar... The realisation hit me like a slap in the face, this was my old high school.

I made my way out of the studio and into the corridors, my feet made long echoing tap sounds as they hit the ground. It was not how the high school normally was, there should be teenagers everywhere, they should be screaming, running and laughing. This corridor was none of this... It was just empty, nothing in here but me and the furniture.

That was when I heard it.

A sound, like a rock being kicked along the ground, but surely there were no rocks in here. As I tried to follow the sound another noise came from behind me, I span around on my heel expecting to see the person who was following me. No one was there.

"Show yourself!" I screamed into the darkness of the corridors.

The pursuer did as he was asked and stepped out of the shadows. He was wearing a long black cloak so his face hidden. I stood my ground, knowing that I could defend myself against whoever was under that cloak.

The man was now directly in front of me. His hands lifted up to his hood and as he took it off, a scream threatened to escape from my throat. I swallowed it back down and stared at the man "What do you want from me?" I screamed in his face hoping to make him flinch,he did not budge.

"Oh come on sweetheart, all I want is a kiss." His voice was deep and smooth. This time the scream escaped, and as it echoed through the corridor his hands shot to my neck...

I woke with a start next to Xavier on the chair, we were besides Zack who was still staring at the wall. "Hey are you okay?" Xavier asked a worried expression on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said. "Why am I here? I was in with Josh when I fell asleep."

"Well, about that." Xavier said with a frown "Josh's heart stopped beating again. The doctors moved you out here with us and they've been in there ever since."

A frown came to my face and as I looked to my left I saw Aubrey holding onto Zack's hand trying to comfort him.

The doctors came out of Josh's room a look of grief on their faces. I knew exactly what had happened before they had said anything.

"I'm sorry," one of the doctors said. "He didn't make it."

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