Predator & The Prey

What was so special about him? Well nothing really, he wasn't even good, he was a killer... Just like the rest of the leeches there with him. So why can't I get him off my mind? Why is he stuck there like a fly caught in a spiders web? I hate him, I hate all his friends! I wish I could just forget him... The thought never crossing my mind again. But I can't.

I am a vampire hunter by the name of Tara Phoenix, and I fell in love with the strongest vampire of them all...


4. A Simple Saviour

I found it simply impossible to get comfortable in my bed. Looking up at the boring old ceiling my mind travelled continuously back to the confusing dream. ‘Be careful.’ What did he even mean by that? My mind was racing over those simple words, making it extremely hard for me to think about anything else. I listened to the sound of the dripping tap coming from the bathroom just down the corridor. Zack was now asleep, the thudding on the wall had stopped, however I still remained covered in the white dust, not bothering to brush it off.

The dream is all that was on my mind. How does that vampire know my name? Why does he know so much about me yet, I know nothing about him? Is he just doing it to toy with me? To confuse me, play with my mind until he is finally satisfied and has had enough?

I was getting worked up just thinking about it… I needed to get out. Clear my head.

I jumped out of bed, heading towards the cupboard for warm clothes. Quickly finding them, I snuck out of my room flinching at any sound that I made. If any of the others were to wake up and discoverer me tiptoeing towards the front door, they’d insist on coming along. That was something I knew for certain that I didn’t want…

Reaching the front door successfully, I turned the rusty old handle slowly, my heart beat increasing as the sound of it squeaking filled my ears. I stepped outside into the cool air, breathing out a sigh of relief as I began walking along the dirt towards the old garden that was out the back. The slight wind against my face and noise of the nocturnal animals scurrying about, provided me with a surprising amount of comfort considering the anxiety I had felt no too long ago.

Sitting down on the small outdoor seats, I breathed in the cool fresh air, letting my mind flow back into the thoughts of the dream. What did he want with me? He keeps appearing in my dreams, but never seems to give me any answers in them. How long would he keep this up for? How long would I have to deal with the fact that I felt like I was constantly being watched? The thoughts of all this were driving me mad. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it was slowly destroying the way I was thinking. I wanted nothing to do with him; he was a vampire, a monster. But yet, this certain part of me wanted to see him again, wanted to track him down and question everything he had ever said to me, to get the answers I sought so badly. This part of me however, was the part I hated the most…

I was awakened from my thoughts from the sight of three shadowy figures approaching me from the darkness. I instinctively reached for the stake hidden in my boot, ready to fight off the three intruders. “Oh, how we’ve been waiting for this moment.” A male voice said, echoing through the darkness towards me. The three figures came into view, their steps light and quiet and their clothing dark. I looked up at their faces, seeing the horrific look of a vampire. Then, everything went black.

I awoke to the sound of cruel laughter echoing around me through the trees. Goosebumps rose on my arms as a cool breeze blew across my body; they had taken my jacket, leaving me in only my singlet and jeans. My stake was gone and as I looked around me I saw nothing but trees. I didn’t know where I was and I suddenly became conscious of the fact that my hands and legs had been bound. The three vampires were joined by one other and I quickly realised that that vampire was responsible for my blackout. He attacked me from behind while the others distracted, it was a simple plan that I fell for so naively.

“What do you want with me?” I choked out, my throat feeling oddly dry.

“You know what we want.” The male voice that spoke earlier said as he became uncomfortably close to me. He was bald, that was the first thing I noticed. He also had a brown goatee indicating that that was what his hair colour once was.

I felt oddly dumb founded for I had no idea what he was talking about. Another laugh echoed through the trees as a curly red haired women came into view, she smiled an evil smile at me “She really has no idea.” She said as she twisted her head to the side like a confused dog.

The bald man looked at me a smile too, growing on his face “Huh, why don’t you just ask your father why you’re here.”

“I didn’t know my father.” I responded. “He died when I was young.”

The man looked at me again his fangs coming into view “How tragic.” He said.  “Have fun boys.”

Two vampires appeared either side of me, their fangs showing and their eyes black. A scream escaped my lips as one of them bit into me with tremendous force; he was followed by the second vampire who repeated the process on the other side of my neck. I felt myself getting dizzy as the blood was slowly drained out of me in an excruciating process. They were torturing me, slowly and painfully. My screams echoed throughout the trees as they bit harder and harder into my neck. My vision was darkening slowly as I began to slip into unconsciousness.

A gut wrenching scream echoed through the forest, however, this time it wasn’t coming from me. Through darkened vision I saw the female vampire’s head fall off and tumble across the ground. Someone had ripped it off. A gust of wind went by as the two vampires were ripped off of me and thrown to the ground, there was an odd ripping type sound and the next thing I saw was two holes in the vampire’s chests where their hearts should be. Another breeze went by, blowing my tied up hair all over the place, I barely had time to blink before I saw the bald vampire lifted up by a shadowy figure and shoved violently into the nearest tree branch.

“I told you to be careful!” A voice snapped at me from the darkness.

I froze in my place, that voice sounded all too familiar. The goose bumps erupted on my arms again… It was him.

Gathering my courage I snapped back at him “Why do you even care?”

He grabbed me by the neck lifting me up against the tree behind me. His eyes turning black from the angry state he was in. The shadowy outline formed around his eyes as his grip tightened on my neck. I didn’t fight him this time; I just hung loosely as I accepted that he’d finally kill me.

My feet hit the ground with a strong force as I breathed in fresh air. I looked up to see him standing there running his hands through his hair.  “Why don’t you just kill me already?” I choked out rubbing my neck from the pain.

He turned to me, his eyes turning back to the baby blue colour they were when he was human. “I don’t know why,” he said “but I just can’t.” He began walking away into the darkness of the trees becoming more and more invisible by the second.

“Wait!” I shouted even though he was mere centimetres away. He turned and looked at me causing me to pause for a minute, hesitantly I asked. “What’s your name?”

He looked down at the ground as if debating whether he should answer. His eyes shot up to me, the blue shining through. “Caleb.”



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