Predator & The Prey

What was so special about him? Well nothing really, he wasn't even good, he was a killer... Just like the rest of the leeches there with him. So why can't I get him off my mind? Why is he stuck there like a fly caught in a spiders web? I hate him, I hate all his friends! I wish I could just forget him... The thought never crossing my mind again. But I can't.

I am a vampire hunter by the name of Tara Phoenix, and I fell in love with the strongest vampire of them all...


1. 31st October

Tara's P.O.V:

The screams of enjoyment and laughs echoed through the school corridors... It was Halloween and a haunted house had been set up at the local high school. We weren't here for the haunted house however, there was a vampire coven crashing the party and it was our job to hunt them down...

"Welcome to the haunted house, where your nightmares become reality!" Said a drunk teenager who was suppose to be checking for tickets.

I had four others with me, there was Josh and Zack, they were brothers who grew up learning how to hunt 'things that go bump in the night'. And then there's Xavier and Aubrey, they're male and female twins.

Zack pushed past the drunk teenager who looked at us in a completely shocked expression and kept moving through the haunted house. There were jump scares around every corner and bloody corpses on the ground everywhere, it was what you would call a typical haunted house. "How are we going to find these vampires?" Zack asked from just in front of me.

An ear piercing scream answered the question for us. "That's how." I said as I lead the group through the haunted house and towards the scream.

We arrived in the graveyard part of the haunted house, the lighting had a strange green colour to it and there were fake tombstones and graves everywhere. Nothing was out of place, everything was normal, that was except for the small teenage girl who was crying in them corner. Aubrey was the first to move, she ran over to the girl in the corner and put her hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Don't hurt me!" The girl screamed in the loudest voice I had ever heard.

"Hey it's okay, we aren't going to hurt you." Aubrey said in a soft and sweet voice.

The girls eyes flicked up to Aubrey's face. The fear that once remained in her shining blue eyes had faded and as she looked at all of us, she told us what she saw. "There was a man, I don't know who he was, but he wasn't from here. He walked up to my friend and grabbed her then he-he..."

"He what?" Zack said, a hint of impatience in his tone.

"He just vanished. It was as if he just vanished." The girl said, goosebumps appeared all over her arms and she moved closer to the wall so she was pressed right up against it.

"Okay, now I want you to do something for me." I said in the most polite voice I could manage. "I would like you to go straight home. Don't get distracted, don't do anything else but go home. Okay?"

"But what about my friend?" The girl asked.

"Don't worry, we will find her." I said with a smile, even though there was a chance that she may be dead.

The girl looked at me, fear plastered to her face once again but, she still got up off the ground, dusted herself off and walked out of the room.

"Let's go." I said as I motioned for the group to follow me.


We had explored the forest just outside the school for over an hour and I knew that the girl that was taken would not last much longer if she's still alive. I hoped desperately that we would find both her and the coven before anything else went wrong.

"Stop!" Zack whispered loud enough for the group could hear.

"What is it?" Xavier asked from next to his sister.

Zack ran off into the trees with us not far behind him, I had absolutely no idea why he was running this way but yet, I still followed hoping it would lead us to where the vampires are. Zack zig zagged around gigantic oak trees and jumped over small shrubs in the ground. Zack continued to run at a fast speed pushing tree branches out of his way not realising that they flung back and hit the rest of us. I could hear the trees rustling as we ran by and my eyes began watering from the impact of the wind on them.

Zack came to a sudden halt in front of and as I stopped just in the nick of time, I felt Aubrey run into me from behind. We all looked at Zack, confusion on every one of our faces but, the expression on Zack's face gave everything away. We followed his eyes and saw a clearing. The worst thing though, was in he middle of that clearing, there was a girl. She was lying lifeless and still on the ground and my body erupted in goosebumps as I reached the conclusion that she might be dead.

Aubrey was about to walk out to the girl but she was stopped by me. I had flung my arm out and pushed her back so she knew that I didn't want her to move. Something was wrong and I knew I wasn't the only one who realised that, Zack had stiffened and Josh-who was standing next to Zack- had a stake in his hand.

There was a chuckle from in front of us and three shadowy figures emerged out of the darkness. As their faces came into view I saw what a normal person would see. Three normal looking, young adults. This, however, was not true. For what stood in front of us were three bloodthirsty vampires. They were in disguise, the minute those disguises came off their eyes would turn black, and a dark shadowed outline would turn up around the outside of their eyes. To me, it's the type of thing you'd see in a nightmare. Unfortunately though, I have to see it two to three times a week.

The three vampires had taken their disguises off and as their 'horror faces' came into view I heard a noise of disgust come from Josh. There were two male vampires and one female, the female had long blonde hair and one of the males had brown. The leader of the coven-who was positioned in the middle of the two vampires- was a male with straight black hair that was about medium length and was styled.

Aubrey looked at the girl again, she wanted to run out and help her, as did I. But in this situation we can't do it without being killed.

"She's already dead." The female said, a smirk rising on her face. "We snapped her neck."

After that comment, it didn't take us long to move into action. Zack and Josh were going to take the male to the side of the coven leader, Aubrey and Xavier were going to take the female. And I, well, I was going to take on the leader.

I ran full speed up to the leader, the wind rushing past me once again, I heard a grunt from somewhere as Aubrey, Xavier, Josh and Zack had made it to the two other vampires. I continued running past the others and towards the leader.

I let out a scream of triumph as I launched myself at the leader, the stake firmly in my hand. As I was about to drive the stake through his heart, his arm flicked out in a swift and lightning fast movement and grabbed my wrist. "Don't think so babe." His voice was deep and soothing despite his horror faced appearance.

I felt the vampire grab my neck and lift me up into the air. My back hit the massive trunk of an oak tree for he was pushing me up against it. I was unable to breath and I began gasping trying to get any bit of air in that I could.

My attempt was unsuccessful, I began slipping in and out of consciousness as his grip in my neck tightened. I clawed and scratched at his hand trying one last time to get him to release me, but once again my attempt was unsecsessful.

I let myself go limp for I gave up on trying to fight him. I hung there still gasping and prepared myself for the darkness that was death.

I felt the grip on my neck release and as I fell to the ground I breathed in the most oxygen I could manage. I picked myself up off the ground and faced the vampire. His hand shot to my neck again, but this time instead of strangling me, he leant down so he was face to face with me.

He moved his face so it was turned on the side and he laid one simple kiss upon my cheek. I stood there shocked, and as he leant down next to my ear I heard him whisper four simple words in my ear. "Good luck with that."

Right before my eyes he vanished, just like the girl had described. He ran off, but with his speed it was as if he had, indeed, vanished.

There was a scream and when I turned around I saw Xavier drive the stake through the female vampire's heart. Another scream echoed through the clearing. This time however, the scream was coming from me.

As I looked to the centre of the clearing I saw Josh. He had been bitten and as he lay lifeless on the ground, Zack was holding his neck, trying desperately to stop the bleeding.

I ran up to Josh and felt for a pulse... There was none.

"Josh wake up!" I screamed.

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