15 Wishes (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson)

New school, new life. When Astor Hammond's parents divorced, Astor was forced to move to a new town with her mom and her stepfather. Astor had to go a new high school. Being a new girl wasn't easy. Astor has no friends there and was always bullied. Her crush, Louis Tomlinson, is the football team captain. But he didn't even know her name.
One day, when Astor was wandering around the school balcony, alone, something peculiar happened. She found a dirty lantern. Inside was a trapped genie, Leann! Everytime if somebody found Leann, she will grant him or her 15 wishes.
Astor was so lucky to find the lattern. But when Leann's sister, Hella came into Astor's life, she was changed into another person. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to save her?


4. Who is Hella?

Leann's POV

    It felt so good to be Astor's genie. While we are returning home, we talked about nails, fashion, hair... I like her. Not love, but friends. She is like my sis... no. I don't have a sister. Hella is not my sister. Please, Cleopatra your majesty, please do not send Hella here. She will just ruin me. Please. I beg you. Please.

    I started crying while thinking of Hella. Astor noticed that and asked me,"Leann, what happened? Are you OK?"

    "No I just... thought of... somebody," I stammered.

    "Somebody? Who is that? Do I know that person?" she asked curiosly.

    "No. You don't. Just pray that you wil never know her," I said to Astor.

    "Leann. Tell me he truth. Who. Is. That. Person.?" she asked determinately.

    "Look Astor, I really don't wanna talk about it here. Please. Just find a place and I will tell you the story." I said while trying to control my tears.

    "OK. Let's go to Starbucks." We went to the nearby Starbucks. We found a place to sit.

    "Just now I was thinking of Hella, my sis...sister. Trust me. There is a reason that she is called HELLa. She is the helper of Satan, the Lord of Hell."

    "Woah. I think it would be better to start your story from since you two were born."

    "OK." I started my story.

    "Hundred centries ago, me and Hella was born. Hella is my elder sister. She was always jealous of my power, beauty and lovable. Once she was curious about Hell and she went down there. There, she saw Satan, the Lord of Hell. Satan like her very much. He think she will be a very good helper and said that he will give her power and anything she want, only if she stay there to help him. Hella really wanted to have the power and beat me, so she promised Satan.

    "When she got the power, she ran back to our home and tried to kill me. But my parents saved me and got killed instead. I rushed to Cleopatra and asked for help (here, Cleopatra is not the queen of Egypt, but a name of a Goddess). She saved me by turning me into a genie and locked me into a latern. She beat Hella and she was sent back to Hell. Everytime if somebody found me she will try to kill me and take my power. And each time Cleopatra her Majesty will beat her. Each time Hella fights, each time she will be stronger. Last time Satan came to fight with Cleopatra her Majesty, and unfortunately, she lost. She was trapped in Hell and I can't go and save her. I knew very clearly that next time if Hella found me, nobody will save me. I am so scared..." I broke down to tears.

    "It's OK. Whenever you feel scared or uncomfortable, just tell me. I'm always here for you." said Astor, trying to comfort me.

    "Thank you Astor. You are my only friend." I hugged her.

    OK Hella. When you come, I will be ready to fight.

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