15 Wishes (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson)

New school, new life. When Astor Hammond's parents divorced, Astor was forced to move to a new town with her mom and her stepfather. Astor had to go a new high school. Being a new girl wasn't easy. Astor has no friends there and was always bullied. Her crush, Louis Tomlinson, is the football team captain. But he didn't even know her name.
One day, when Astor was wandering around the school balcony, alone, something peculiar happened. She found a dirty lantern. Inside was a trapped genie, Leann! Everytime if somebody found Leann, she will grant him or her 15 wishes.
Astor was so lucky to find the lattern. But when Leann's sister, Hella came into Astor's life, she was changed into another person. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to save her?


3. The Second Wish

Astor's POV

    "So, Leann your clothes are just so... old school. Maybe we should go to Zara and check out some better ones," I suggested.

    School has just ended. Me and Leann were wandering on the street, trying to find some clothes for her. People kept on looking at her costumes. We really need to get her some normal clothes, immediately.

    "Oh yeah, I haven't change my clothes for one million years. I really need some new clothes," replied Leann.

    "OK, you choose, H&M or Zara?" I asked.

    "Why don't we choose both?"

    "Cause... I don't have enough money," I murmured.

    "That's not a problem. Just make a wish," she said.

    "Oh yes! How can I forget!" I exclaimed. I just love this girl!

    "My second wish, is to own any H&M and Zara's clothes I like!" I am so excited.

    "As you choose," Leann clapped her hands like last time and smoke appeared. Then they vanished and we are in H&M.

    "Good afternoon Miss Hammond. You have just won a coupon and you could choose any clothing you like in our company," the sales lady said to me.

    "Yay! I'm fashion queen! Yay!" I squeeled and jumped up and down.

    There were only me, Leann and the sales ladies in the whole H&M shop. I went to the teenge collections section.

    "There are so many clothes here! I can't choose," I said.

    "No problem, you can have the whole section," said the sales lady.

    "But I don't have such a big place at my house."

    "You can come back if you want the clothes. They are all yours. We won't sell them," suggested the sales lady.

    "OK. Be back at around five." I took a glance at my watch. It's four in the afternoon. I still have an hour for Zara.

    "Leann, it's Zara time," I said to Leann.

    "OK, this is not counted as a wish," she clapped her hands and we are in Zara when the smoke disappeared.

    "Hello Miss Hammond. You have just..."

    "I know. I have just won a coupon and I could choose any clothing I like in your company, right?" I cut her off.

    "Uh, yeah, pick any oufit you like here," she lead me to the teenage collection section.

    Me and Leann picked a few pretty fabric and we looked just fine in them. We walked out of the shop and back to H&M. We chose a few ones for school tomorrow and went home.

    It's the luckiest day ever.



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