15 Wishes (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson)

New school, new life. When Astor Hammond's parents divorced, Astor was forced to move to a new town with her mom and her stepfather. Astor had to go a new high school. Being a new girl wasn't easy. Astor has no friends there and was always bullied. Her crush, Louis Tomlinson, is the football team captain. But he didn't even know her name.
One day, when Astor was wandering around the school balcony, alone, something peculiar happened. She found a dirty lantern. Inside was a trapped genie, Leann! Everytime if somebody found Leann, she will grant him or her 15 wishes.
Astor was so lucky to find the lattern. But when Leann's sister, Hella came into Astor's life, she was changed into another person. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to save her?


2. The First Wish

Astor's POV

    It's lunch time. I was wandering around the balcony while reading Eclipse. I knew I am going to be in big trouble if Mum or James, my stepfather, knew that I got detention in the first month of my school. They are gonna kill me.

    I started to feel tired after walking for 15 minutes. So I found a seat and sat down. Just then, I discovered something down on the floor. Something dirty and covered up by the soil around.

    I settled the book on the bench and knelt down to examine the mystery thingy. I picked it up and pat away the dirt. It was a lantern.

    The lantern was made by brass or copper. It has a lead at the end of it. It was quite heavy. I wondered what is inside.

    I tried to pull the lead out but it was stuck so firmly. I took a hair clip from my hair and tried to use it to scoop up the lead. After a few tries, I finally suceed.

    When the lantern was opened, a purple smoke leaked out. It smelt really good like rose. Gradually, the smoke formed into a  pretty girl and stood right in front of me. I stared at her, shocked.

    "Thank you very much, Astor! I was trapped there a million years already!" the girl exclaimed.

    "Wh..who are you? W...why do you know my name?" I stammered.

    "Genies know everything! By the way, I am Leann, your genie." She held out her hand but I was too scared to shake it.

    "M...my genie?" I asked.

    "Yes. You found me and released me. So I'm here to grant you 15 wishes," Leann answered.

    "15 wishes? That sounds cool," I said.

    I looked at her clothes. She was wearing some silk sari. A golden crown was placed on her head. Her costumes are strange. Like... Cleopatra.

    I suddenly remembered I got detention after school. I am doomed... wait, I got a plan...

    "Is it any wishes I like?" I asked Leann.

    "Yes, any wishes."

    "Ok. My first wish, is to get out of detention," I ordered.

    "As you like, Master," replied Leann. She clapped her hands and smoke appeared. But they vanished quickly.

    Just then Mrs. Robinson rushed to me. "It's your lucky day, Miss Hammond. Since today the teachers suddenly have a emergency meeting, you don't have to stay after school," she explained.

    It's true! Leann is a real genie! Now I have 14 wishes to spend! Yay! Lucky me!

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