You Belong With Me

Angel Swift is a 19 year old girl, she has a sister called Taylor Swift who she hates very much, infact they both hate each other, Angel's sister is dating Harry Styles from One Direction, she thinks that they're a terrible couple, the only time she sees him is on a magazine with Taylor holding hands, with headlines saying 'couple alert or cutest couple, which she thinks they arent the cutest couple at all.


3. Chapter Three

We finally got to the park, me and Louis ran for the slide, Chloe, Niall, Liam and Zayn went for swings, Harry and Taylor sat on the seats in their own world, well Taylor practically jumped on Harry and started making out with him, it felt like my heart shattered in pieces, Why do I feel like this? Do I really like him? Does he even like me back? But he couldnt, he slapped my bum 5mins ago, but that doesnt mean anything right? I was lost in my thoughts when Louis interrupted me.

"Come on Angel, go down the slide already" Louis said laughing.

Then I went down the slide and Louis came after me and he crashed into me and we fell on the ground with me on top of him, ok this is weird, we laughed and got up.

I saw Harry give Louis the death glare, whats wrong with him? wait... he cant be jealous... can he? but he has Taylor, he couldnt like me anyway.

After playing at the park we sat down on the seats,

"I'M HUNGRY" Niall shouted, of course you are Niall,

"Well, when arent you?" Louis said rolling his eyes, we all laughed.

"Lets just get ice cream of something" Liam said looking at all of us.

"ICE CREAM" me and Louis shouted at the same time, we looked at each other and laughed, everyone else joining in.

"I'll go get the ice cream and you guys can just stay here" Niall said with an innocent look saying 'Dont worry guys, I wont eat any'

"Oh no no no, I dont think so" Louis said, "We wont even get to eat any, you'll eat everything by the time it comes back to us" he added, we all started laughing.

"I promise I wont eat any" Niall said with puppy eyes, he's such a cutie, I caught Chloe looking at him, Oooooh whats going on, she caught me looking at her, I wiggled my eyebrows and she blushed, hehehe.

"Ok Niall hurry up" Zayn said shaking his head smiling, we told him what we wanted and then he walked to the ice scream shop.

I caught Harry looking at me, he smirked and looked away, huh? what was that about? oh well, he's probably trying to annoy me, I dont know.

When Niall came back we started eating our ice creams, yummy, I love ice cream.

We all finished our ice creams, Niall finishing first of course, we decided to go home since it was getting late.

"Do you guys want to stay over the night" Taylor said to the guys, mainly to Harry, I rolled my eyes, I saw Harry looking at me, knowing he caught me, he smirked that annoying smirk of his and winked at me.

"Yeah ok, what about you guys?" Liam asked the other boys, they nodded their heads.

We got home and sat on the couches, I sat in the middle of Louis and Liam, Zayn was next to Liam on the other side, Niall and Chloe next to each other, awww cute, Harry and Taylor on the love seat.

"Hey Chloe, can I talk to you for a second?" Niall said nervously, Chloe blushed and nodded, they got up and walked to the kitchen.

"I think Nialls in love" Louis said dreamily putting his hands together, I couldnt help but laugh, it was just so funny, everyone else cracked up laughing.

I heard a squeal coming from the kitchen, Niall and Chloe walked out holding hands, what, that was so unexpected.

"Whooooooo, Niall" Louis shouted, we all laughed, Niall and Chloe blushed.

I looked down at my hands, I couldnt help but feel jealous, now Chloe has someone and I dont, no other guy would ever want to date me.

I looked up and saw Harry looking at me in concern, I could feel the tears come, so I quickly got up and went up stairs to my room, shut my door and sat on my bed, the tears came pouring out.

I heard footsteps coming to my room, there was a knock on my door, I quickly wiped the tears off my face, the door opened, I kept my head down.

"Angel?" a husky voice asked, it was Harry, I didnt say anything. I felt my bed sink down, I felt him sit next to me.

"Angel, look at me" he said, I didnt say anything.

"Please" he said.

"I look terrible" I said sniffling, keeping my head down. I felt his fingers under my chin turning my head making me look at him.

"You look beautiful" he said smiling weakly.

"No I dont" I said looking away from him, he let go of my chin.

"Look at me" he said, I looked at him, he wiped the tears off my face with his thumbs.

"Whats wrong" he said holding my cheeks with both hands.

"I just feel like no one loves me, I mean that Chloe now has Niall... and than theres me, I have no one" I said looking at him in the eyes, they were so pretty and green. He started leaning in, I couldnt help it but lean in too, as soon as we leaned in more, our lips touched, I felt butterflies in my stomach, his lips are so soft against mine, after about 2mins we pulled away and looked at each other.

"Wow" we both breathed out, we smiled at each other.

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