The Slytherin Scandal: Year Three

Lea is in her third year of school. After facing a crazy werewolf, twice, a mass murderer, and Tom Riddle in her fury two years, she should be fearless about stuff like that. However, now there's love, dances, and a tournament to keep her up. Not to mention her neighbors are crazy, Draco Malfoy's father hates her, Lea's in love with Draco, and she can't trust her new DADA teacher.

This isn't including her mom's new love interest, who Lea actually likes. Now, she's looking over her shoulder as she nearly dies, and all of this is after the drama of the end of the summer. What happens when there is a traitor suspected in the school?


9. Puppies and the Goblet of Fire

"Please welcome our new guests, the Dumstrang and Beauxbatons Scchools and their Headmasters, Mr. Kirchhoff and Madame Maxine," Dumbledore said as he bowed to both headmasters and kissed Maxine's hand. "Feel free to sit where ever you please," he said, addressing the students.

The Dumstrang students immediately went to sit at the Slytherin table, much to the disappointment of many other students, seeing as Victor Krum, a famous seeker, went with his friends. He and another boy, with black hair cut to almost nonexistence, just like Krum's. They both had the almost exact same face, both cheeks high, a stubborn chin, and dark clouded eyes. The boy was shorter than Krum though, and his eyes were a dark navy blue while Krum's were almost a black-brown. They both sat near Lea, on either side of Draco, Krum on his left, the other boy on his right, next to Lea.

"You are Draco Malfoy, yes," the boy asked in a Russian accent that accompanied all the Dumstrang students.

"Yes," Draco replied, smiling just slightly at being recognized.

"Yes, your family was saved by a mudblood, after the World Cup over the summer, were you not? Tell me, what did your father do to the b-tch," the boy asked, not seeming to notice how Draco and Krum stiffened. Apparently, he didn't have the same views of muggleborns as his friend.

"Stop it, Romanov," Krum said as he shot him a look.

"What did the girl save you from, a puppy wasn't it," Romanov asked, obviously ignoring Krum. Lea snorted as she heard the 'puppy' remark. A werewolf was defiantly not a puppy, but by the end of it, he might as well had been.

"And who is this picture of beauty? A cousin perhaps," Romanov asked, finally noticing Lea. On the inside, Lea scowled in disgust, on the outside, she smiled charmingly. "I am Vladimir Romanov, pleasure to be in your presence," he said bowing slightly in his seat.

Across the Hall, Ron was nudging Harry, both watching the exchange, entranced.

"Hello, I'm Lea Talbot," she said with a brilliant smile. "I am a werewolf, and the Mudblood of Slytherin, the pleasure is mine," Lea said as she picked up her red juice, then dumped it on his head, making him growl in anger. "Now, you might want to go wash, it seems you have something on your face and head and. . . well, everywhere." Lea turned away from him as he balled his fists in anger.

"HOW DARE YOU, YOU LITTLE M-" Romanov started, only to have the whole Hall quiet down and stare at him.

"I wouldn't anger her if I were you," Hermione said as she sipped her drink, watching Romanov.

"She is a werewolf," one of the other students, a Ravenclaw, said. She was sitting at the far end and Lea remembered seeing her when she first came to Hogwarts, the girl who was singing with the ghost.

"Loony has a good point," another said.

"Is she really," a thick accented blond French girl asked. While all this had been going on, the Beauxbatons had joined the Ravenclaw table.

"Everyone, please calm down, there is no need to be concerned," Dumbledore said. "Now why don't we all go back to the feast?"

With that, everyone turned away, resuming to eat. All, that is, except for Romanov, who was still standing, glaring at Lea.

"I suggest you go and make yourself presentable, Romanov,"Krum said in a bored voice. Romanov did just that, after another glare and a huff of annoyance.

Romanov didn't come back into the feast until the end, just before Dumbledore called for attention. He sat on the other side of Krum and seemed to believe Lea didn't exist.

Dumbledore stood up then and started to explain the Goblet of Fire. It was rather plain actually, just a wooden goblet that seemed to have a fire in the middle of it, a blue flame.

"This is the Goblet of Fire and the chooser of the contestants. They will be picked randomly from all the schools, one representative each. At the end of the Tournament, whoever wins will have eternal glory, 10,000 galleons, and the respect of ever wizard on earth. Be warned, though, this is not a challenge to take lightly, many have died in this quest, it is not for the faint of heart.

"As it is so dangerous, the Ministry has altered the rules slightly, effective immediately. No one under the age of 17 can enter, and there will be quiet a surprise if you do try," Dumbledore said, looking at the Weasley twins.

At the end of the first half of the speech, many people started an uproar. "That's rubbish!", "Not fair!", and "I'm almost 17!" was heard as everyone started talking at the same time.

When the students had quieted down, Dumbledore resumed his speech. "To any that are 17 or older, if you wish to enter, write your name and school name on a piece of parchment and throw it into the flame. Oh, and another thing for you younger students, an older student cannot out your name in for you, the Goblet will know and it is not easily tricked. And I believe that is all, I bid you all goodnight. All, that is, except for the four students that disturbed dinner. Now, off you pop!" With that said, all the students filed out, leaving Krum, Draco, Romanov, and Lea in the Great Hall in front of Maxine, Kirchhoff, Dumbledore, Moody, and Severus.

"Now, would you care to explain," Severus asked Romanov.

"How should I know what happened? The crazy mudblood just dumped her drink all over me!" Romanov exclaimed.

"Mr. Romanov, kindly refrain from using that derogatory word in this school. I do not care for it," Dumbledore said softly, but with such steel in his voice that it was impossible to argue with it.

"Why did you assault my student, werewolf," Kirchhoff asked, well, more like demanded.

"He was being ru-" Lea started, but was cut off.

"And idiot," Krum and Draco both said at the same time.

"You approve of this, Victor," Kirchhoff asked, incredulously.

"It did improve his manners at the table," Krum said with a shrug.

"Your just siding with it to keep yourself safe from the monster," Romanov sneered.

"It is a she, and she can hear you and had no problem with chasing you down like a scared rabbit," Lea growled.

"That is another thing," Maxine said, looking at Dumbledore. "Why were we not informed that there was a werewolf attending the school. As Headmasters we have a duty to keep our students safe!"

"I'd like to know why I didn't know," Moody ground out.

"Alistair, I assumed you knew. As for your question, Madame Maxine, I had planes to tell you and Mr. Kirchhoff later tonight, before we all retired. As for you Lea, please refrain from 'chasing [him] down like a scared rabbit', I highly doubt your mother would approve," Dumbledore joked. "Now, it's late for you all, please go to bed."

The four went straight to bed, yet Lea's Wolf had the sense that Romanov wasn't done.

'Great,' Lea thought. 'Just what I need, another second year Draco, but this time with a sixteen year old's body and more curses memorized.'

This had just turned into one interesting year, and Lea was beginning to hate those years. 

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