The Slytherin Scandal: Year Three

Lea is in her third year of school. After facing a crazy werewolf, twice, a mass murderer, and Tom Riddle in her fury two years, she should be fearless about stuff like that. However, now there's love, dances, and a tournament to keep her up. Not to mention her neighbors are crazy, Draco Malfoy's father hates her, Lea's in love with Draco, and she can't trust her new DADA teacher.

This isn't including her mom's new love interest, who Lea actually likes. Now, she's looking over her shoulder as she nearly dies, and all of this is after the drama of the end of the summer. What happens when there is a traitor suspected in the school?


18. Protective

Peeves came the next morning and he actually hugged Lea.

"Little Lea is alright!! I will be pranking the One-eyed one and the young male redhead for hurting my Little Lea," he cried as he held on to her tight.

"Thanks, Peeves, I missed you too. Now, could you start thinking of the pranks? Oh, and is it okay if you follow me around when I'm alone? I have a feeling that Romanov is going to try something now that he's seen that I can get hurt," Lea asked him.

"Of course, Little Lea," Peeves said. "I wills be watching you until you gets out of heres."

With that, Peeves floated above the girl as she started to get dressed.

"Oh, good. Well, you can go and get out of here in a minute Lea. I do hope not to see you in here again," the mediwitch smiled, casting one more diagnostic charm to double check her progress.

"Thanks! It was nice staying with you again," Lea called out as she raced out of the Hospital Wing.

Lea skipped down to the Great Hall, eager to get to breakfast. What she didn't expect was to be nearly tackled by Genevieve, Neville, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and the twins as she got off the stair case.

"You're okay!!" Genevieve yelled clinging to her new friend.

"You may want to get off of her. Lea Talbot may have died, but I do believe, because she is now living, that the girl needs to breath," the light haired Ravenclaw said with a smile.

"Oh, Lea, this is my cousin, Luna Lovegood," Genevieve explained, while blushing and letting the thirteen year old breath.

"Nice to meet you properly, Luna," Lea smiled at the girl.

"Yes, nice to meet you also," Luna said with a smile. "You should get into the Great Hall. The Slytherins are waiting for you. The only one that seems like she is sad you didn't die would be Pansy. She said something about seducing her 'Draccy-Poo,'" Luna explained. "They are extremely protective of you now."

"Why?" Hermione asked. "I mean, she's a muggleborn."

"Oh, they're really protective of their housemates. And Lea has, knowingly or not, been changing their opinions of muggles and their children," Luna explained.

"How do you know all this," Neville asked in awe.

"I can see things others don't," she answered cryptically.

"People feel safe talking around her without fear she will spill their secrets," Genevieve explained.

"I so wish I had that ability," Lea said.

"So, why is Peeves hovering above your head," Harry asked as he spotted the poltergeist there, being silent for once.

"I don't trust Vladamir Romanov to leave me alone at the moment," Lea explained. "Anyway, I've got to eat breakfast." With that, Lea walked into the Great Hall and was immediately surrounded by her housemates.

"Are you okay," Draco asked as he walked up to her and gave her a hug.

"I'm fine, Draco. Just hungry, is all," Lea replied. Draco nodded and they walked to the table, where Lea was place dead in the middle.

"You are now to be with at least two other Slytherins at all times," the leader of the seventh years said. "Or," and this seemed to strain him, "you will be with two other, uhg, Gryffindors. We want them not to be the youngest male Weasley. And we want you to have at least on Slytherin with you if that happens, or the Ravenclaw girl you talk to," he said, leaving no room for argument.

"You did realize that I am a werewolf and can take care of myself," Lea said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, because you didn't just die in the Great Hall four days ago," he replied sarcastically.

"Point taken," Lea said with a subtle cringe.

"And don't go anywhere near Moody or his classes," he growled. "No one is to be left alone with Moody and they must have at least three other people, no matter what house, with them. I don't care if you have to ask the Gryffindorks, stay away for that man, is this understood," he asked all of Slytherin. Everyone nodded to the man. "Any who want to skip his class are welcome to join me for self teaching, you can invite the other houses."

"Thanks, I think I'll invite the whole school," Lea said with a grin.

"Go ahead, some won't come due to detentions that might be made," he said.

"Better detention than the Cruciatus Curse he casts on us," Draco sneered.

"True," Lea said as she took a bite of toast. "And thanks for this," Lea added as the seventh year got up. He nodded and left.

No one ever thought that the class would go into the next year too.

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