The Slytherin Scandal: Year Three

Lea is in her third year of school. After facing a crazy werewolf, twice, a mass murderer, and Tom Riddle in her fury two years, she should be fearless about stuff like that. However, now there's love, dances, and a tournament to keep her up. Not to mention her neighbors are crazy, Draco Malfoy's father hates her, Lea's in love with Draco, and she can't trust her new DADA teacher.

This isn't including her mom's new love interest, who Lea actually likes. Now, she's looking over her shoulder as she nearly dies, and all of this is after the drama of the end of the summer. What happens when there is a traitor suspected in the school?


11. Four Champions and Dragons

Originally, there was to be three champions, one for each school that was participating. Now, it was four.

Lea, like everyone else, was stunned. Victor Krum was the champion for Dumstrang, Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts, then Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons. It was simple and everything was going without a hitch. That is until the Goblet started glowing red.

The usual green fire was changing colors again, to the red of a champion's name. It lashed out, Severus tried to help contain it and no one was hurt. A piece of paper floated down onto Dumbldore's outstretched hand and he read it.

"HARRY POTTER" he yelled at the silent Hall. Everyone started whispering at once, including Lea and Draco, who were both gaping and internally cringing.

"What happened," Draco asked.

"No clue. Moody seems awfully happy though," Lea observed.

"Are you sure about that," Draco asked her, seeing no change in expression.

"It seems like he wants Harry to die," 
Lea whispered back.

Draco 'hmmm'ed and stared at Harry as he stood and walked through the door the other three students went through after their names were called.

The rest of the night was silent.

The next day was loud and mostly negative. The Gryffindors were ecstatic that Harry found a way around the age spell, and that he had been picked. Ron was angry beyond thought, thinking Harry was trying to hog all the glory, when he was actually scared out of his mind.

The rest of the houses and the other schools were thinking the same way. Well, most of them. Krum was on the border, wondering how he got passed the line, and even if Harry wanted the position, considering his fame already and how much he seemed to dislike it he doubted he would go to length to almost kill himself.

The rest of the week passed and things only got worse for Harry. Even the teachers were beginning to become distant with him. Particularly Professor Sprouts, who was the head of Hufflepuff, which was Diggory's house.

Thankfully, Severus wasn't one of them, he just treated Harry the same as always, as did McGonagall, Moody, and Hagrid. Many students were now avoiding him, although none, but Ron, of the Gryffindors were.

"Hey, how you holding up?" Lea asked him one day when she found him sitting by the Forbidden Forest alone one day.

"Just great! I always wanted to die for other's entertainment and have my name slandered all over the Prophet," he said sarcastically. "What do you want? Here to tell me something from your little boyfriend? Well, tell Malfoy to shove it." Harry glared out at the forest and clenched his hands repeatedly.

"No, I was going to see if I could help you, after I found you here. Originally, I was going to go into the Forest for the rest of the day," Lea bit out, though not as harshly as she could have.

Harry wince at he tone and began to look guilty almost instantly.

"Why were you going to go to the forest," Harry asked, changing the subject.

"There have been some rather interesting rumors of spontaneous forest fires and lots of growling. I wanted to see why was going on," she replied, letting the subject change.

"It's dragons," Harry said without so much as a thought.

"How do you know?"

"Hagrid showed them to me and Madame Maxine last night. Their the first test," Harry said.

"You have to fight a dragon in two month's time," Lea asked, unable to control her envy.

"Yeah. I'm gonna die," Harry sighed.

"You are so lucky! Not the dying part, but you get to interact with a dragon! And not Draco, but an actual dragon!" Harry gave her a quizzing look. "Draco means dragon in Latin and all animal tongues," she explained.

"I get that part, but not why you would want to meet a dragon," Harry said.

"Easy, they're cool. Anyway, I'm gonna go look at them. See ya! Oh tell Ron I said he was an idiotic git and a shame to all redheads," Lea said, quickly running to the forest. Before she went to far, she shouted back, "It seems like everyone but Diggory knows about the dragons! Don't give him a disadvantage!" She then turned and became a crow and flew out of sight.

Harry thought on that and decide that the next day he would tell Cedric what all the other champions knew.

Lea, meanwhile, found dragons as great company an that she could turn into one, but she was still small, barely able to fly. It appeared that with some magical creatures, she couldn't change the age of her transformation, and do to that fact, she was still a hatchling. Dragons, possessive and protective by nature, were more than happy to adopt Lea as one of their own. Do to this, they each breathed fire onto the small purple dragon at the same time.

Magic made it so that it was evident that all dragons were to protect this hatchling, even in human form. The fire made an intricate patten of multiple dragons winding their way around her neck multiple time. She could choose who saw this, but it was evident to all dragons and could be seen in her dragon form.

That night, Lea thought about never investigating new magical animals again, seeing as they kept giving her things to mark her. Now she was marked as a dragon and a werewolf. She kept that thought tucked away and listened to it enough that it didn't happen again, though, Lea did find the markings really cool.

*Authors Note*
Okay, so I really did love doing this because of the dragons, and I would love to see some. Anyway, just because she will never get marks from any magical creatures to claim her doesn't mean she will be scar free. Just a clarification.

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