Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story)

Ashleigh Fuentes,27 is the younger sister of Pierce The Veil's Mike and Vic Fuentes.She knows everyone in the band,she goes on tour with them and she also lives with them.She's also best friends with the guitarist,Tony Perry.Vic and Mike are both very overprotective of Ashleigh and of course,bandmates dating her are definitely out of the question when it comes to relationships...But what will happen when Ashleigh and Tony's friendship turns into something more? Find out in...Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story).


2. The Start Of Our Friendship

~Ashleigh's P.O.V~

Being the sister of Vic and Mike do I quite describe it?It's interesting.I get to chill and tour around with the coolest band ever,but I gotta be careful with who I date.I can't date band members and any guy I date,Vic and Mike have to meet them..It's hilarious,but kinda annoying.I mean,I am 27 years old,I should be able to date whoever I want.But,then again to see Vic and Mike's reactions are just priceless.


My eyes fluttered open as I woke up in my room.I sat up in my bed and swung my legs over the edge.My feet touching the cold hard floor as I stood up.I trudged groggily out of my room and downstairs into the kitchen,bumping into my brother Vic."Hey Ash,you're looking rather hideous this morning",Vic said with a chuckle."Hey Vic,and you're looking rather fugly this morning",I said,followed by a giggle.It's a little brother-sister morning humor.I grabbed a pan and walked over to the fridge,grabbing 4 eggs out and a pack of bacon out of the fridge.I started to cook my breakfast.By the time,my breakfast was done Mike,Tony and Jaime came flying down the stairs."Do I smell breakfast?",Jaime said with a smirk,looking at me.Mike and Tony,both following Jaime's lead with smirks on their faces.I nodded at all 3 of them as I continued eating my breakfast.Mike,Jaime and Tony all started looking at me with puppy faces.I automatically knew what this meant..We went through this practically every single day.They all stared at me with their eyes full of innocence,but with the intention to make me cook breakfast for them.I was starting to feel uncomfortable with 6 pairs of eyes staring at me,so I finally gave in."Fine",I said as I got up."Thank You,Ashleigh",Tony,Jaime and Mike said,before they all kissed me on the cheek.I giggled as I got up and started cooking breakfast for the boys.After,I finished cooking,I handed Jaime,Tony and Mike their plates.Of course,out of all the members in the band,I've obviously known Vic and Mike the longest.Jaime,is a random and funny dude.The funny faces he makes just cracks me up every time.He's fun to hang out with.Tony,is my best friend..Me and him first met when he joined Pierce The Veil in 2007 and we've been best friends ever since.It all started when Jaime and Tony came over to Me,Vic and Mike's house to hangout.I had no idea who they were until Vic introduced us...


~2007:When Ashleigh first met Jaime and Tony/Ashleigh's P.O.V~

I sat with my two brothers Vic and Mike,reading a book called "Around The Way Girls".To be honest,I don't know why I read books like that but it gives me something to do.I was deep into my book,but my concentration was taken away from the book once I heard voices.I looked up to see two guys.One guy had spikey hair and dimples,with brown eyes.The other guy had plugs in his ears,brown eyes,a nice smile and the cutest little face.I was getting into my book again until I heard the words,"Oh and guys meet my little sister,Ashleigh",I could tell it was Vic's voice.I put my book down and stood up.The guy with the spikey hair walked up to me."Jaime meet Ashleigh.Ashleigh meet Jaime",Vic said.I smiled and nodded at Jaime as I shook his hand."It's nice to meet you,Jaime",I said."It's nice to meet you too,Ashleigh",Jaime responded.As Jaime stepped back,the other guy with the cute little face and plugs walked up to me."Tony meet Ashleigh.Ashleigh meet Tony",Vic said as he gestured to both me and the guy."It's nice to meet you,Tony",I said,looking at him as I shook his hand."It's very nice to meet you too,Ashleigh",Tony responded as he shook my hand,followed by an adorable crooked smile.Gosh,he was just so adorable."Oh and Ash,did I mention that Jaime and Tony are the new band members?",Vic asked."Really?Awesome!",I said with a smile."So what instruments are they gonna be playing?",I asked."I'm gonna be playing bass",Jaime replied."And I'm gonna be playing lead guitar",Tony said."Wow,great!",I said as I nodded at both Jaime and Tony."Oh and Ash,since Tony is a great guitar player,he can give you guitar lessons",Vic added.I smiled at the thought."That'd be cool",I said."If you want I can give you some right now",Tony said."Really?That'd be awesome!",I replied."Alright,c'mon",Tony said as he started to walk out to grab his guitar.Vic pulled me in before mumbling to me."No,dating any of them",Vic said."Don't worry",I replied with a giggle,before following Tony out to get his guitar.And that guitar lesson was the start of our friendship..

~End Of Flashback~



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