Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story)

Ashleigh Fuentes,27 is the younger sister of Pierce The Veil's Mike and Vic Fuentes.She knows everyone in the band,she goes on tour with them and she also lives with them.She's also best friends with the guitarist,Tony Perry.Vic and Mike are both very overprotective of Ashleigh and of course,bandmates dating her are definitely out of the question when it comes to relationships...But what will happen when Ashleigh and Tony's friendship turns into something more? Find out in...Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story).


3. The Guitar "Lesson"

~Ashleigh's P.O.V~

Vic chuckled as I gave Tony,Jaime and Mike their plates.Vic is probably the only band member who doesn't really ask me to make his breakfast.I laughed as I watch the three of them eat.They always loved my cooking for some reason."Thank you,Ash",Jaime,Mike and Tony said at the same time.After they finished,Tony went upstairs,Mike went into his garage and Vic and Jaime went into the living room to watch tv.I went upstairs to my room,I grabbed a book and spent my morning and most of my afternoon reading.After,reading for the longest time,I looked over at the clocked."5:00 p.m",I mumbled to myself.I set my book down and got up from my bed.Tony walked into my room."Tony!Just the person I wanted to see.I was gonna ask you...Can you give me a guitar lesson?",I asked him."Sure,Ash",Tony responded,he lead me to his room.I closed his room door as I followed him into his room.Tony grabbed his guitar and sat down on his bed,I grabbed another one of Tony's guitars,since I don't bother going into Vic's room and grabbing one of his guitars."Alright,I'm gonna start you off on the bottom E string on the 6th fret",Tony said,before plucking the string to demonstrate for me."Okay",I nodded at him,before finding the bottom E string and plucking the 6th fret."Very good",Tony said."Thank you",I said with a giggle.He taught me a few more things."You'd think that after I've been teaching you for 6 years,you'd at least learn something",Tony said with a chuckle.I giggled and stuck my tongue out at him."Haha,real cute",Tony said,followed by a laugh.I laughed as I looked at him.Tony stared into my eyes and I stared back into him.He started to lean in and of course,I leaned in too.He pressed his lips to mine.They were so soft,like velvet.I started to kiss him back.We both put our guitars down,I wrapped my arms around his neck.I was getting into the moment until,Vic knocked on the door.Me and Tony pulled away quickly and picked our guitars back up."Yeah,Vic?",I said,pretending nothing happened.Vic opened the door and smiled as he saw me and Tony.I'm guessing he figured out that Tony was giving me guitar lessons."So,how's the guitar lessons coming along?",Vic asked."It's going great",I responded."Yeah",Tony said in agreement."Alright,good.Um...Ash,I just wanted to let you know.Me,Jaime and Mike are going out to get food",Vic said."And yes,of course,we're bringing some back for you",he added.Of course,whenever they go to get food,I always ask if they're bringing some back for me.But,he's gotten use to that routine so he says it before I ask."Alright,now you two crazy kids have fun",Vic said with a chuckle before closing the door and leaving.Phew,that was a close one.I just hope Vic won't find out about the guitar "lesson".

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