Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story)

Ashleigh Fuentes,27 is the younger sister of Pierce The Veil's Mike and Vic Fuentes.She knows everyone in the band,she goes on tour with them and she also lives with them.She's also best friends with the guitarist,Tony Perry.Vic and Mike are both very overprotective of Ashleigh and of course,bandmates dating her are definitely out of the question when it comes to relationships...But what will happen when Ashleigh and Tony's friendship turns into something more? Find out in...Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story).


4. Oh My God,This Is Paradise

~Ashleigh's P.O.V~

Me and Tony looked at each other for a moment. I bit down on my bottom lip a little.Feeling kinda awkward that I just kissed one of my brother's bandmates...And not just a friendly kiss on the cheek..This was like a serious kiss...If Vic ever finds out,he may put me on dating probation or he just might kill me..I wanted to break the strange silence but,knowing me I'll probably say something that sounds stupid...Tony continued to stare at me before he finally spoke. "So,um...where were we?",He said as he picked his guitar back up. I picked my guitar back up as well. Good 'ol Tony never lets anything distract him and I find that good because now we can pretend like that kiss never happened.But,I know Tony too well.He'll probably keep thinking about it and it'll bother him and he'll probably want to talk about it with me.But,I know we'll talk about when we're both ready.Me and him were going over the basics of guitar being that I was still pretty new to guitar playing.The majors,minors,how to bend notes and do little tricks on a guitar.We were still playing until Vic finally came home with food.Ah,food is life.As soon as we heard the front door open,me and Tony ran downstairs.Vic knows the routine.I get my food first because I'm awesome like that.I smiled as Vic gave me my food.Everyone else got their food and we all sat down on the couch in the living and watched tv like one weird happy family.Tony kept taking some of my french fries as usual.We go through this every day,haha. And every time,Tony takes my fries me and him end up play wrestling,then it kinda turned into a mini-food fight.I took Tony's ketchup and poured it all over his shirt and I'll just put it this way...Things got a little messy.I kept getting this strange feeling like some was watching me. I looked out the corner of my eye to see Vic watching us.Uh-oh...I'm preparing for the lecture...Maybe me and Tony will pretend for right now...Like,nothing happened but,all I can say to myself is "Oh my god,this is paradise".


(My apologies for the short length of this chapter.Had a writer's block but,I will be updating this story more often.And thank you,to all the people who like this story.You guys make me so happy when you comment and I appreciate the fact that you like me work.Stay tuned for more chapters. xoxo ~Amaris)

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