Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story)

Ashleigh Fuentes,27 is the younger sister of Pierce The Veil's Mike and Vic Fuentes.She knows everyone in the band,she goes on tour with them and she also lives with them.She's also best friends with the guitarist,Tony Perry.Vic and Mike are both very overprotective of Ashleigh and of course,bandmates dating her are definitely out of the question when it comes to relationships...But what will happen when Ashleigh and Tony's friendship turns into something more? Find out in...Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story).


5. If This Is It

~Ashleigh's P.O.V~

I couldn't take Vic staring at me and Tony,so I decided to get up and go clean up. I walked into my room,changed out of my pajamas and walked into the bathroom,closing the bathroom door behind me. I stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water and started to wash myself.I was humming "Let Love Bleed Red" by Sleeping With Sirens until I was interrupted by the turning of the door knob."Ash..Can we talk?",I heard Tony's voice ask."Sure.What about?",I asked as I continued washing myself."About the kiss and your brother",he responded."Wow,it only took you an hour to crack",I said with a slight giggle,hoping to lighten the mood."You know me too well",he said with a chuckle,before continuing."Ash,I think you and I both know that there was something behind that kiss",he said.I bit down on my bottom lip...Thank god,I'm behind this curtain so,he can't see my expression...But,maybe I can't hide what I really think of Tony anymore.Maybe he's right.Something was behind that kiss,especially on my part..But,I can't tell Tony...Can I?.."Yeah,we do",I responded.My heart began to race with all these thoughts pulsing through my head."Look,Ash,I'm gonna be honest with you...I definitely felt something for you when I kissed you and I still do. I've always kinda had a thing for you but,there's just one thing that kinda stops me",Tony said."My brother",I responded,already knowing that Vic was the main problem."I kinda figured you already knew",Tony said with a chuckle."Being with band members are out of the question and I honestly,thought that when I met you and Jaime,that it wouldn't be hard but,I guess I thought wrong",I responded as I ran my fingers through my hair."So,Vic gave you that warning too?",Tony asked."Of course,he gave it to me before and after I met you",I said with a soft giggle."But,even if we wanted to be together,we wouldn't be able to because of Vic",Tony said."We can",I responded as I suddenly got a plan."How?",Tony asked,I can tell he was kinda confused by this being that my brother is like the dating police."We're not gonna be able to hide this Tony...We live with Vic.You don't have to worry about Mike too much..He's kinda cool with me dating but,he has to meet who it is before he approves..But,Vic is dead set on keeping me from band mates and if I date he also has to meet them and he has to ask them a million questions and the list goes on and on",I explained,followed by a giggle."So,you're saying we should just go on and date?",Tony asked."Well,something like that...I say,we act normal and then just when we think Vic suspects something,we confirm his suspicions without really telling him",I said."So,basically we act like a couple",Tony said with a chuckle."Well,to Vic,we already act like something is going on,so I guess you could say we should just act like a couple",I explained."Tony,I have to kick you out for a sec and make you go in your room,I gotta change",I said with a giggle."Alright",Tony said as he left,closing the door behind him.I got out of the shower and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me.Then,I opened the bathroom door and walked out of my room.Changing into a Pierce The Veil t-shirt and some random pajama bottoms.I grabbed a book and sat down on my bed.Turning to a saved page that I left off on.I was just getting into my book until my attention was taken away from it by Tony crawling up next to me on my bed."Hey Leigh-Leigh",he said with a chuckle as he kissed my forehead."Hey Turtleboy",I said with a giggle as I rested my head on his shoulder."Catching some reading in before you hit the sack?",Tony asked."Yeah",I responded with a slight nod and a smile as I looked over at him.I turned my attention back over to my book.After a few more minutes of reading my eyes began to grow tired.Tony started to sing softly in my ear as my eyes closed."I held a diamond to the sun.To count the moments on account of the way you...Smile, smile for me.",those were the last few words I heard until I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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