the field trip


1. the plane ride

      I got woke up at 6:30am by the sound of my alarm clock which i usually hate the sound of but today i love it. Today's the day i get to go on my school field trip to London, lets just say i tricked the principal to on this trip. I said it was for educational purposes but its not i wanna go so i can go and try to find one direction. Anyways i jump out of bed and slip on my homer Simpsons slippers and grab some clothes out of my closet so i can go take a shower. i tip toe when i open the door cause everyone else is sleeping until i go and wake them up, i get in the bathroom and take off my clothes and turn on the water, i stand there with my hand under the water to make sure its the right temperature. 

                                                       * * * * * * * * * *

     i get out of the shower and blow dry my hair and put on my clothes. i leave the bathroom and head straight to my bedroom and i get my suite case and pack all my clothes, my laptop and all mt other essentials when i hear someone coming up the stairs. All of a sudden i hear a knock on my door ''its open'' i say. my door opens and its my mom, i didn't know she would be up this early. 

''you know you don't have to go Eddie'' she says

''mom i wanna go it was my idea after all''

''but aren't you worried the plane will fall out of the sky or something?''

i laugh a little ''i don't think its just gonna fall out of the sky. I know your worried about me but i have to do this''

''i know im just scared.. thats all. love you'' as she closes the door behind her.

                                                * * * * * * * * * * * * 

     we're in the car heading towards the airport to meet with my principle and the rest of the classmates that are going on the field trip. we get there and its packed, i get out and grab my suit case out of the trunk and i go and give my mom a hug and kiss and tell her i love her. since i wont see her for a week or so. i walk inside and already see my principle and my best friend i scream and rush up and give her a big hug. we chat a little until the principle gets our attention and says our name to make sure that we're all here. After shes done we go ahead and board the plane and take off after a little bit of waiting. 

     of course i sit with my best friend

''so what are you going to do while we're in London alina?'' i say

''i don't know.. go see big Ben and stuff and maybe try to find one direction. and you'' she says

''the only reason why im coming is to find one direction is to find one direction. i wanna meet harry so bad!'' i say

''HEY! back off he's my man'' 

''haha! what makes him your man? hes mine so back of skank'' i smirk a little

''cause i have a p**** and hes not gay!! duh''

''just because u have that doesn't make him your's i bet he's bi'' i stick my tongue out at her

i fall asleep after a couple hours and when i wake up were finally in London. i get off the plane and squeal ''OMG! i cant believe we're in London! I've always wanted to go here''  



   im sorry if you guys think it suck im new to this and so yea im sorry and just comment if you want a new chapter. cause im not gonna make a new one if no one likes it or anything. but if i get no reads ill just keep updating it till i get reads. i'll try to post often.

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