Remember when

A story about a girl who has been cheated by her bestfriend and her boyfriend. They were secretly in love behind this girl's relationship. After knowing what's behind, she decided to stop being nice. Her boy bestfriend started to comfort her after what happened. She wanted revenge. Her boy bestfriend will help her for her revenge. But the catch is she has to be his slave.

(Proceed to prologue)


5. 4 - Dark side and Revenge (pt. 1)

(note: this chapter is a flashback before the previous chapter happened where things are all set for the party.)



I’m in the market with Michael. Luke’s picking up Calum and Ashton for the party. They’re going to play.

We’re just going to buy a lot of food and then we’ll head back to the parking lot to prepare.

“You’ll thank me later after this.” Michael suddenly said.

“What? Why?” I confusedly asked.

“I made this plan. Well of course, Luke helped a bit.”

“Helped a bit?” I asked again. To be honest, I don’t really know what he’s talking about.

“Yup, he asked me for help.” He nodded.

“What’s the catch?”

“Boys talk sweetie. You’ll know when you get to be a boy.” He smirked and giggled. Is he pissing me off?

I stopped talking and continued walking around the market. Michael was holding the cart so he’ll do the job. This is boring I wish I just stayed with Luke instead.

“Do you really wanna know?” He grinned as if he’s trying to tell me something. What is he trying to do?

I looked at him as my right eyebrow went up. He giggled again and looked away. He’s annoying.

“Alright, he told me to ask you if it's okay if you agree to be his slave after the revenge worked out as planned.” He explained. My eyes grew big out of shock. He’s probably joking.

“I'm not kidding I tell ya. I bet you haven't seen Luke's dark side yet. Hah!” He made an evil grin. So the rumors I heard about was true. About their attitudes being the same.

But obviously I didn’t believe in those rumors because I really know Luke well. Then I guess I was wrong. Turns out I didn’t really know him that much.

Luke’s still my best friend even if he’s like that. That’s cause I accept him for who he really is. Nothing will ever change about us. He’s still the Luke I know.

I smiled as I thought about it. It started fading when I remembered what Michael just told me. Being Luke’s slave? Hell no! I’m not going to be anyone’s slave!

But Michael’s probably messing with my head. What a dumbass. Haha


We’re on our way back to the park. Michael and Nati are on their way too. After this we’re going to get some stuff hanging.

“Dude did you really think Nati will ever agree on that? Hahahahaha” Ashton laughed as he teased me. I glared at him and just ignored what he said. He was talking about Nati being my slave.

Yes it’s true. It wasn’t really my idea in the first place. Michael suggested it the other night when we were all talking. Well why not right?

But come on, she’s in pain right now. I can’t even stand seeing her cry all the time. For now, I just want to help her.

“What if she agrees?” Calum asked and broke the silence.

“Yeah what if she agrees?” Ashton repeated.

“You think I didn’t hear Calum?” I seriously asked with my irritated face.

“Aight man I'm just askin'.” -Ashton

I don’t really know how to answer that question. But it’s not bad if I get something in return right? Plus I probably deserve it.

“That's simple. She'll be my slave.” I smirked. Is the old me back? Wow. I didn't expect this to happen.

The dark side of me is back?


We’re all at the park right now and things are all ready to start.

I can see Drew’s car. Alice is probably with him.

“Nati!” I heard Michael called. “You ready?”

She took a deep breath before she answered. “Ready as I'll ever be.”

“Luke!” Michael called and gave me a thumbs up. It’s the signal. Alright, this is it. Let’s just hope that things work out as planned.

“3.. 2..” We heard the crowd as they countdown to one. “..1!”

We all ran to the stage. “Good evening Hansel Park!” We all greeted in chorus and the crowd went crazy.

We’re pretty famous as I recall it. Our band is called 5 seconds of summer. We do concerts all around the country. (Australia- where we are right now.)

“We would like to thank Hansel Park for inviting us.” Michael said and looked at the park manager. “Hey Mr Morris! Thanks man.” He winked at him and the crowd went crazy again.

Hansel Park is actually a small-big park. 500 or maybe 600 people can fit here. I don't really know. Haha

“After the movie, we’re going to feature someone from the crowd and maybe ask some few things. Is the aight?” Ashton explained and all the people looks excited.

“Yeaah! Let’s get this movie going and the party started!” I shouted and everyone wet crazy again.


I’m at the front row right now, 2b seat to be exact, and the movie is almost over. Being in this seat is all part of the plan. Mr Morris, the manager, is all in favor for this too. He’s my dad’s friend so he understood my situation.

I’m just nervous because I don’t think the plan will work. The screen suddenly went all black. The movie’s probably over. Alright this is it. Calm down Nati, everything will work out as planned.

The band started playing songs as my mind just drifts away in thoughts. All the crowd are jumping up and down while the band is playing their song. I was just standing there staring at that one space, lost in thoughts again.

“She looks so perfect standing there with my American Apparel underwear~” Luke was singing the chorus.

“And I know now, that I'm so down~” I was staring at him while he sing and he was staring at me too. Kind of like that slow motion moment. Everything just seems like all around this crowd, I feel like we’re the only person in this park.

I don't understand. What is happening? This can't be real. I must be daydreaming.

After the song, they called me up on stage. This is the start of the plan.

“It’s time to feature someone! Alright bros, who’s the lucky one?” Luke pretended to pick something up on the bowl but I knew that he already has the paper that clearly says front row 2b seat where I am right now.

He took a paper and opened it. He stopped and stared as if something went wrong. He whispered at Michael and Calum like he was asking if this was the right one.

Oh god, it looks like everything's not okay.

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