Remember when

A story about a girl who has been cheated by her bestfriend and her boyfriend. They were secretly in love behind this girl's relationship. After knowing what's behind, she decided to stop being nice. Her boy bestfriend started to comfort her after what happened. She wanted revenge. Her boy bestfriend will help her for her revenge. But the catch is she has to be his slave.

(Proceed to prologue)


3. 2 - Here for you


I'm not fine. Can you just drive me home?” She asked looking without a smile. I nodded as I thought of something.

“Yeah sure. Is it okay if I stay in your house for a while? Just to make sure you're okay.” I stated and she stared for a second and then smiled. She can still smile after being cheated? Wow.

“That'd be great. Thank you.” She smiled and looked away.

She started placing her seatbelt on then I drove to her house. She lives alone now because her parents are in Paris busy with their businesses. She has her own nanny of course, Ms Anna. I have been sleeping over by her house since we were at 7th grade.

Her parents know me well. They trust me because they knew that I was Nati's bestfriend. Of course that is before Alice came and became her bestest friend as Nati recalls it. I even have my own room here. They reserve it for guests but I'm the only one who usually uses it.

“Hey Luke..” She called as we walk to her room. “I really appreciate you being here with me.” She continued as I smiled.

“Oh stop it you kn--” I said but she cut me off cause she suddenly hugged me.

“Don't ever leave me, okay?”

“Okay.” I hugged her back and kissed her hair. I felt my shirt getting wet. It was her tears flowing again. I brushed her hair and broke the hug.

“Hey, I'm going back home to get some things. I'll be back alright?” I said and tucked her hair behind her ear. “You, go freshen up and when I get back we'll talk.” I continued and she nodded.

I went out and drove to my house. I saw Alice and Drew waiting outside. I walked towards them.

“How did she take it?” Drew asked. I knew all about it. He loved Nati very very much. But he wants to forget her in a snap.

“Pretty bad, what do you expect?” I stubbornly said. He didn't answer. I wasn't in favor for all of this. In fact, I wanted to stop them. But Drew is just unstoppable. What Drew wants, Drew gets. He's pretty good with girls.

I really thought he was serious about Nati. We all thought he was going to change and give up being a player and all. But maybe we’re all wrong.

“Yo we’re going to bounce, give me updates. Aight bro?” Drew said with his arms across Alice’s shoulder. Looking at Alice’s eyes are so sad. She looks so sure about Drew but then so bad about Nati.

It’s all her fault anyway. If she didn’t let Drew get him, this wouldn’t have happened.

I got my things packed and drove back to Nati’s. She was already asleep when I got there. I tucked her hair behind her ear to see her clearly. I can see the dried tears marked on her cheeks. What happened to her wasn't right. No one ever deserves this. Especially her.

Her heart was so soft but then so fragile. Call my words gay but what I’m saying is true. I’ve loved her for a while now. She doesn’t know because I don’t want our friendship to end. It’s breaking my heart to see her world tear apart.

I wish I could just ease her pain in just a snap. But the thing is, I can’t. But I’m gonna help her. I will make her forget about Drew and probably, in time, who knows? Maybe she’ll end up falling for me?



The sun rays woke me up. Screw sun rays I was hoping I wouldn’t wake up after all what happened. Maybe end up in a comma or like Sleeping Beauty’s story where she wakes up when she’s kissed by her true love.

Nah that’ll never happen to me. This is me saying “Welcome to the real world dumbass.” to myself.

I stared at the ceiling and suddenly, things went flashing back. Why did they ever do this to me? Did I do something wrong? Am I ugly? Ugh. I couldn’t feel myself anymore. Getting all numb and sad.

Honestly I would be so miserable if I lost Luke too. Where would I be without him? I regret leaving him when I met Alice. That selfish bitch who betrayed me and took my boyfriend.

Damn all this anger is making me hungry. But I’m not just into eating right now. Should I plan on my revenge, or nah. It would look so immature if I do. But don’t blame me, I deserve revenge. A sweet sweet revenge.

I was about to get up but I heard the door flew open. I pretended I was still asleep. I smell pancakes and waffles. I felt someone sit on my bed. Who is this?

“Nati.. wake up,” He shook me lightly. It was Luke. I still acted like I was still sleeping. “I made you breakfast. Come on.”

I peeked my eyes to look at him. He was staring at me. He probably saw me peek. He smirked. “Oh well, maybe I should just leave.” He stood up and took the pancakes. He was heading through the door.

“Wait don’t go..” I sat up in bed and he stopped. I knew he was smirking even if he’s not facing my way. He turned around still smirking. Okay okay, he got me.

“You feeling better?” He asked. I shook my head as if I’m saying no. “Here eat your breakfast and get dressed. We’re going somewhere.” He explained and left.

He didn’t even explain where we’re going? Ugh.

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