Love Lasts

We weren't your average teenage love. We were dangerous, but we were not. We were in love but we were not. I spent my whole life dreaming of him. But now, I don't. He's in my nightmares.


2. Harry

The beeping of the monitor made me want to throw it across the room and watch it break into a million pieces. I would if I had the strength. I would goes see Evangeline if I had the strength. Or if the assholes in the hospital let me. But the won't. She's in critical condition. That's what they said. Shouldn't that be all the more reasons they let me see her?

Many family members and friends came to visit. Mostly her family; seeing that my family is no where to be found and they'd rather have nothing to do with me. Only my closest friends came. Not that I had many anyway.

In the midst of my thoughts, the same pestering doctor that I've had the last few days walked in.

"How are you Mr. Styles?" He asks, looking over a clipboard.

"Same as 3 hours ago."

"Harry, I need to know how you're feeling." He tells me sternly.

"And why is that?" I ask, trying to push his buttons.

"I'll tell you what, if you answer my questions and let me see how you're feeling, you can go see her." He says, knowing I'll know who 'she' is.

Well Angie may be important to me, but not that important.


He looks at me in a strange way, then takes a seat in the swiveling chair that Liam loved when he visited.

"I thought you two...were..." He starts, but then looks off confused.

"She said your name in her sleep, I'd thought maybe you guys were together." He admits.

"She...she said my name?" I ask.

"Yeah. We had to wake her up though, she was hyperventilating and sweating. Nightmare, most likely.

She had a nightmare about me...

"Oh." I answer blankly.

"We are together." I whisper.

"Why wouldn't you want to see her when she's in critical condition?"

"Because I don't want to." I snap.

"You don't love her like she loves you. And she does, I can see it."

Who the hell is he to be telling me if I love her? What kind of creep doctor is this?

"I love her!" I shout.

"Obviously not enough," he gets up and starts to walk through the door. "I'll come back when you're ready to tell me if you're okay or not."

I watch him as he grabs the doorknob and begins to walk out the door. I hesitate, but finally call after her before the door slams shut.

"Wait." I huff.

"Fine. I want to see her." I tell him.

"I knew you would." He says, in a quiet way that may or may not have been for me to hear. I roll my eyes either way.

He comes back towards me and sits on the swivel chair once more. He begins to check up the places that were injured. My leg, ribs, and arm. He looks at my face to see if I wince or show any signs of pain. I try my best not to. I also try with all my might not to burst out in rage that he's touching me. But, he does have the right.

When he's done 'feeling me up', he stands up and gestures for me to do the same. It will be weird to walk, since the farthest I've gone is to the bathroom. He guides me farther down the hallway, and stops at room 2023. He leads me in the room to a peaceful, sleeping Evangeline. The doctor gives me a faint nod and heads out, leaving us alone.

I watch her as she sleeps, her chest moving up and down. Her body looks broken, in a way that almost breaks my frigid, cold heart into pieces too. In a rare action, I grab her hand. She flinches under my touch. I silently hope she doesn't wake up. I'd rather just stare at her intoxicating features; and

Suddenly she shakes, and starts to wriggle in bed. I let go of her hand and wait to see what she'll do next.

"Harry." She breathes, a terrified look on her still sleeping face.

"Save me." She whispers in her sleep, sweat starting to glisten on her forehead. I decide that's enough suffering, and I wake her up, shaking her softly. She sits straight up abruptly. She cries out in pain and lays back down. Her soft eyes look at me bewildered.


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