Sensational Temptations

"Sex is a sensation, caused by temptation, a guy sticks his location in a girls destination, to increase the population for the next generation, do you get my explanation or do you need a demonstration?" That is what nineteen year old Adrian Strixer, a boy who had been so previously broken, said to seventeen year old Kayla Toretto, a girl who was simply still in ruins. Can they fix each other? Or will they tear each other apart even more? In this story Adrian and Kayla will find themselves in a world that they saw only in their dreams, the perfect lives they always wanted. But just as things start to seem better for them, everything is ripped apart. Literally. Read to find out what happens ;)


1. Prologue

Trip to a future chapter!!! (WARNING!!!! SEX SCENE!!!!)

As we lay there on the beach with nothing on but our bathing suits and playful smiles, tears still stung our faces. We looked at each other and saw the temptation. He started to sit up and I followed. We never looked away from each other as we stood, he took the last step towards me that enclosed the space between us. Now there was barely any left. He grabbed my arms and pulled me close to him with a cocky satisfied smile on his face as he removed his right hand from my arm and started trailing down to my belly button, and started going down and down until he reached what he knew was my weak spot, the spot right before he reached the opening near my clit and started lightly tickling me through my bikini and I let out a soft sigh of pleasure as he moved his hand down to my clit and moved his thumb in caring passionate circles, and I tried to pull him even closer, but there was no room between us. To my surprise he actually backed me a bit away from him and with a skilled hand he undid the back of my bikini top and let it fall of onto his arm. I looked away from his eyes to see Super Strixer hard as a rock through his shorts and looked back up to see him looking still right at me, a playful cocky smile still on his lips like it was glued there, and he moved his left hand off my other arm and up to my now exposed breast, which he started to grab gently. I fiercely pulled him towards me. I moved my hands carefully tracing his backbone down to the line of his shorts, which I traced to the front, and followed his happy trail down but making sure I was over his shorts as to tease him. He let out a moan of pleasure as I gently caressed him and played with the tip of his cock, still hard as a rock. I refused to be the one who couldn't take anymore of the teasing this time, and made it so he was when I took my hands away and started tracing his muscle lines on his hips. He gave a low noise that almost sounded like a growl as he finally gave up and grabbed me and picked me up with his arm around my waist. I knew what he was trying to do, but I wanted him to want it more, so I crossed my legs and put my arms around his neck. He bent down and laid me on the blanket we had lay down when we came earlier, and tried to uncross my legs. When I didn't budge he laid on top of me and his lips connected with mine in an extremely passionate kiss that made my toes curl. He removed his arms from under me and placed them firmly on my bikini bottom line and started to work them down my now uncrossed legs. I finally gave in, not able to take any more teasing. I sat up, still kissing him as he backed up to get my bottoms off the rest of the way, and started to pull at his shorts. 
"Take them off. NOW." I ordered.
"I love it when you talk to me like that… It turns me on." 


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