Love Ends

A girl name Emma who thought she had a perfect life with her two friends, until her friends moved away. Later on she finds her true love, but finds out her man has been cheating on her, for the past 4 years. Emma had locked herself in a room for 2 years and that's when she realized that she has had enough of what the world has thrown at her...


1. Life was normal

      It's a new year at saints, my friends are still here and some had moved away like Betty Jenksion, she was known for picking her nose then wiping it under tables, or even you. I'm Emma, Emma Luan, I am the girl who sits in the back of the class and never raises her hand to answer any questions. I get good grade, so what I'm not a nerd. I have two friends who will have my back whenever, wherever.  My friends are Ally Token, and Melissa Hartman, Ally has it all, she lives in a mansion, technically. Her dad was lucky and won three lottery tickets. Melissa is like the nicest person you will ever meet, she signs up of so many charities and helps you with anything, she once had to tutor Betty. she came home with boogers all over her pants.


      I have the nicest friends ever, they always complement my hair saying it's a brown, beautiful, and silky, and even though when I wake up, all I see is a piece of crap laying on my head. In grade 6 on November 13 (Friday) I had my hair stuck in Betty's backpack, bad luck much. Ally and Melissa was the two who helped me get my hair out of Betty's backpack. I guess that was how we met and became friends.


I am actually, surprisingly half Spanish and white. That's what makes me unique, well that's what my mom always said. I'm interested in what people like, like my friend Stef who's actually gay, I find that really cool about him but other people think it's just gross. Stef was homeless for 3 weeks until my friends took him in. I'm glad that I live somewhere, not somewhere to big but somewhere to sleep and keep warm and somewhere to have my birthdays I'm 19 right now. I'm maybe a little to poor to afford a room in college, so I still live with my mom and dad



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