liv, Breeanne, Maddie, and Diana move from Australia to England so they can try to have normal lives. everythings been going wrong since their dad died in may. when they get there things are brutally , mentally, and physically challenging. they get bullied a lot so they learn to deal with it, but that takes a while. they move in right next door to niall horan. maddie and dianna share a room but they are huge rooms. same with bree and liv. livs window is 6 feet from nialls so they can talk a lot . the one direction boys ride the same bus as the girls but the girls get on a few stops after the boys. they all get closer than you think.:)


3. what if i dont wake up?

                                            I hear voices around me and I wanna scream badly but I don't know if any one can hear me though! im in a dream and it involved my family. it was my sisters my parents and I were  going camping in the woods. it was starting to get bright out and my parents were asleep so I took the girls and we went through the woods to the meadow to watch the sun rise. we got half way there when we ran through a campsite with noisy people. the girls start giggling majorly and I looked over and they were gone. I walked over to the sight and my sisters are lap dancing four boys and I went behind a bush to puke. I heard some one say did  u hear something? no it prob Louis coming back from the meadow. no a female voice said, its my sister. oh can we meet her? no shes to shy. I start running through the woods and sat in the meadow. I saw this cute  boy sat next to me. the boy what is your name love? my name is livie but call me liv. cool im Louis Tomlinson. he started staring at me and I glanced back. what are you starring at? something pretty. awww Louis. the sun just rose up so I gotta go bye lou.  bye liv.  I heard a loud male scream so I started running through the little patches of briars and ran to the boys's campsite. my sisters were there I yelled come on if mum wakes up we are dead. then we hear a female voice screaming in the distance. we all got up and ran . when we got there our parents were slotered and headless. we all fell  down and died. I wake up crying and im lying in a hospital bed and Louis is trying to calm me down. its ok love everything will be alright. ok I calmed  down and fell asleep in his arms.

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