Fall For You

She was tired of living in this world.
So he showed her a new state of mind.

He was tired of waiting for someone.
So she showed him a new feeling.

{Niall Horan -- not famous}
{© 2013 lilacniall}


4. Two

Its been almost two weeks. 

Two. Weeks.

Or 13 days, 14 hours, 47 minutes, and 28, no 29 seconds since Lee bought her one way ticket to England. England. In just a matter of ten hours, she was going to leave all her siblings, all her friends -- not that she had many -- all three of her gorgeous little dogs. Lee sure as hell was going to miss this place, but at the same time, couldn't wait to escape it. She had three suitcases of all her clothes, items, electronics, etc., one of them being her carry-on of course. She lay in her bed, eyes wide open and glossy as she stared at the ceiling, watching the circular motions of the white ceiling fan that was spinning quickly above her. Lee was smiling, dreaming about how amazing her new life would be. It was England after all, and she couldn't stop imagining how perfect everything is going to turn out to be. Or at least that is what she hoped.

All three of Lee's bags sat zipped up by her bedroom door, her Vera Bradley sleepover bag being used as the carry-on. Though the time on her bedside alarm clock read '2:17,' Lee was wide awake, waiting impatiently for her flight at exactly 12 o' 3 PM. In the past two weeks -- thirteen days -- Lee had to do a lot of thins, including breaking the news to her friends. 

An hour after Lee had purchased her ticket, Kim finally came down, dressed in tight exercise pants and a running tank top. She must have been running on the treadmill, Lee thought, preparing to tell her sweaty aunt the news. Her hands were shaky as she stood up from the bar stool, closing the computer screen so her older relative wouldn't get any ideas as to what the big news were. Lee walked towards her aunt, who was currently wiping sweat off her forehead with the kitchen towel. Gross. Just by seeing her haunt, Lee got nervous, afraid that she would be entirely pissed at the sudden movement from her somewhat bipolar niece. Not that she was bipolar, just a bit... uncertain. Lee herself began to sweat, the small droplets of the salty-tasting liquid forming at the peak of her hairline and on her neck. 

Before she could stop herself, Lee blurted out the news, and continued to blabber on and on. "I'm going to England." She paused, waiting for a response from her rich aunt. However, Kim didn't say a word, her facial expression explaining her confusion. With her niece's words, Kim had dropped the towel that was in her hands and had snapped her head towards the girl, eyes wide, eyebrows raised, and mouth slightly hanging open. Before she could say something possibly rude, Lee continued, explaining all the details.

"I bought a plane ticket, using your credit card, while you were upstairs. It's for the 21st, set to land in Manchester. That's close enough to where Harry lives, right? Because otherwise I have no idea how I'm going to get there. I hope you're not mad that I used your card. I just thought that youwouldn't mind since you said i would be a good idea and I did it in the spurt of the moment and oh shit I shouldn't have done it! I don't want to go to England!' The confused girl finally exhaled, sounding like she was on the verge of tears. But instead of the yelling response she had expected from her aunt, Kim smiled, walking closer to Lee and placing her arm on her niece's shoulder. 

"You'll be fine in England," she lightly laughed, removing her arm from Lee. "And I'm not mad at all. I'm happy for you!" 
Now this is what a real aunt acts like, Lee thought, smiling and getting excited yet again for upcoming adventure. England is one hell of an adventure, that's for sure!

A few days had passed, and today, Lee had decided, was the day she was going to tell all her siblings. All five of them. In the process of doing so, she asked her brother Michael to pick up Kaitlin, who was now 14, Jacob, who had just turned 15, Leah, who was turning 11 in a few months, and Juliette, whose eighth birthday was in January. Lee asked him to also bring Andrea, his wife, and their daughter Mackenzie. After around an hour and a half of waiting, all seven of them were gathered in the living room, some sitting on the carpet imported from Morocco, and others -- the older ones -- sat on the leather couch. Kim was probably upstairs exercising again, trying to lose all the weight she had gained over the summer. Lee gave the rest of her family the exact same explanation she gave her aunt -- not including the credit card part. After her tiny speech, all of them had wide eyes and their mouths were hung open. The room became so silent, you could hear a pin drop. That was until Andrea broke the killing quiet. She shrieked, juping off of Michael's lap and running over to her sister-in-law, embracing her with wide arms, almost tackling her in the process.

"At first I thought you were going to say that you were pregnant!" She exclaimed, holding both of Lee's hands in hers and excitedly jumping up and down. Michael coughed loudly, a bit disturbed over his wife's assumption. 

"There is no way my sister is pregnant. None." Michael stated firmly, causing Lee to find a great interest in the navy blue nail polish on her toenails. Silence crept into the room yet again, only to be disturbed by the one-and-only Juliette. 

"Can I come?!" She practically yelled, but being a seven year old, obviously had an enormous amount of energy. Lee laughed in response, before adding a quiet 'No.' she was thankful that her siblings weren't angry like she had thought they would be, only happy for her. Michael and Andrea understood why se wanted to leave as they could remember the trouble of the past few years the Lee had encountered. After half an hour of excited banter, all the siblings crammed onto the couch for a family movie night, joined by their aunt an hour into the first movie. 

More and more days had passed, and Lee was leaving in only a week, though she still hadn't told Louis, Sierra, Marcel, or Destiny, her best friends. They all knew each other for a lengthy amount of time; Destiny since 8th grade, Marcel since 6th, Sierra since 3rd and Louis since pre-school. Thy had all become quick friends as each one of them went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools, though Marcel was the only one who went to college. Lee continuously had to remind herself that her friends didn't know about England, but repeatedly delayed the important announcement out of fear of witnessing their reactions. She knew Louis' wouldn't be good; he was like a brother to her.

Not wanting to face them, Lee opened up a group chat on her phone, sending the exact same message to all four of her friends.

From: Lee
"I'm going to England."

After a few minutes of nervously waiting, she got a response from one of them. 

From: Sierra
"That's so cool! When are you leaving?"

Directly after that, Louis, as usual, started hounding Lee with questions, similar to how Michael would. 

From: Louis
"When are you leaving?"
"When will you be back?"
"Who are you going with?"
"Why are you leaving?

To Lee, it seemed like while typing each question, her protective friend had gotten angrier and angrier. She decided instead of answering her friends' many questions, she would answer with one statement; a simple five word statement that sent someone a bit over the edge. 

From Lee:
"Correction. I'm moving to England."

She left her phone on the hard wood coffee table that sat between the sofa and flat screen TV that hung high on the wall. She began to pace around the kitchen, breaths erratic and heavy. Lee could hear the constant buzzing of her phone, the small knocking noise of the vibrating device repeatedly smacking against the table causing her to have a headache. One that was only made worse by someone outside pressing down on the doorbell over and over, bells ringing about the house signaling the presence of another on the front porch. Lee sighed, walking towards the door, knowing who was at the door by the garage pounding the door was receiving. 

"What the hell do you mean you are moving?!" Louis barged in as soon as the door was even a partial bit open. His phone was in his hand, and he looked about ready to burst into flames. 

"I-I'm moving to England." Lee closed the door, allowing her frustrated friend to enter the house. 

"Why are moving exactly?!" Louis yelled, beginning to pace around the kitchen exactly how Lee had before. 

"I need to get away from here." Lee spoke barely above a whisper, refusing to look up at her friend, finding deep interest in the color of the wooden planks of the floor. 

"We could have gone some place together! I told you last month that we could run away from all of this! We could run away together! Why would you want to be by yourself?" Louis spoke the last part quietly, walking towards the girl who stood with her back facing him. 

"I want a new start. I can't get that if I have constant reminders of the past." Lee whispered, allowing several tears to escape her eyes, slithering down her cheek and falling onto the wooden floor. 

"Is this about Da-"

"Don't say his name." Lee spoke harshly, not wanting Louis to remind her of history that is doomed to be repeated if she stayed in Pennsylvania, in the exact same house she lived in a year ago when it all happened.

"Lee," Louis sighed, bringing her into his arms, his recently applied cologne smelling a bit... tangy. 

"Did you bathe with oranges? Or some sort of fruit?! God, what is that cologne!" She backed away, starting to laugh again. 

"The one you bought me for my half birthday!" Louis laughed with her, enjoying every moment until she had to leave. 

Soooo, this is kinda long. And it's unedited. Lol I'll fix it once I get home. But this whole chapter is a flashback kinda thing of the past two weeks. And now you met Louis! And Marcel:) I couldn't help myself!!!! So in this story, Harry is American but lives in England and so is Louis, but he lives in the US. Anyways, will update again today so.. until then!

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