here to stay

I was going to visit my uncle.Simon who i was sent to live with because my parents just recently divorced then my dad didnt want me after my mum died and said i reminded him to much of my mum. stupid man if you still loved her she would still be here! I ran into the big building with my bags rolling behind me. When i made it into the lobby there was a young girl standing there looking confused.................... What happens read to find out.........


1. father

I ran into the huge building with my bags dragging behind me. I ran into the lobby and saw a little girl looking very confused and sad just standing there she wasn't more than 3 years old and she was by herself. i walked up to her.

"hey sweetheart who are you looking for?" I asked

"i wass lookin fwr louwie and hawwy they wend outsade and towd me tw stwy hewr they sawd it wad somethwing bwd and dangoruss"

"okay hunny come here im going to leave my bags here and i will carry you to find them okay,"

"Otay" she was so cute

"so sweety whats your name?" i asked


"thats a pretty name mines Iris but you can call me Iry if its easier for you" thats what Maggie called me cause she couldn't pronounce

soon we where walking to the  corner of the building and i heard the fighting going on

"Lux, sweetheart," i tried to stay calm an kneeled down to her level "run back to the lobby call your mummy, and simon, and tell them where i am."  i saw her running to the lobby from where i was and as soon as she made it in i stuck my head over the corner to see who was fighting. my father......

I ran around the corner "father no!!!" i saw him stop fighting along with the boy that was still awake  and trying to fight but it wasn't working he ran towards me "I want you dead and gone like your mother!" he yelled a single tear fell out of my eye but it just made me mad.

when he ran to me the guy was getting up and trying to get his friend up

my father ran to me and i kneed him, and hit over the head in the temple and he fell to the ground

"get him out of here before i cant hold him back any longer!" i yelled

"come with us!"

"I cant go just get him to saftey! NOW!" I yelled. he nodded and smiled lightly at me as he ran getting his friend to safety.

"YOU BITCH GET OFF OF ME!" my father yelled

"die! die just like your mother you are just like  her a worthless piece of shit!"

"no mum was an amazing person you are the piece of shit! you killed her! you are a murderer! how can you live with yourself! you killed her right in front of me then you killed Maggie! The only people that understood me! you worthless piece of shit!" i punched him in the stomach and as he doubled over i kneed him and bitch slapped him across the face.

"I hope you rot in jail!" then punched him across the face


"no" I said

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME!" he yelled like i was going to change my answer.

"did i fucking stutter I said NO!" I yelled.

I felt myself get punched across the face and then get pushed against the wall.

"HEY FRANK! GET OF HER!" i heard my Uncle.Simon yell

"get out of this Simon!" my father yelled

"Yeah get off me Frank" i said punching him dead across the face and as he fell to the ground i heard someone say "remind me not to get on her bad side" My father stood up again.

"you un grateful piece of shit" I heard multiple gasps behind me. I tear pricked at my eye

"you monster you killed them! I needed them and you killed them! you are going to rot in jail then go to hell!" more gasps as his fist collided with my stomach then my face. i heard people coming coming over to help,but my father pulled out a gun.


"Hawy whats going om?" shit my father hates kids

"oh we have a little girl with us do we?" he asked he asked picking her up by her neck.


"shut it kid"

"LUXY" i heard a woman yell. there is no fucking way he was going to kill her like Maggie! not again!

"Get the fuck away from her!" I yelled grabbing lux out of his grip and she ran over to her mum, just like how i used to do my mum. before he killed her. and if he was going to kill someone it was going to be me not one of them. not the people i just meet.

"Rot in hell" I yelled as my arm was shot.

"IRIS!" my uncle yelled.

with my good arm i punched him across the face and grabbed the gun.

"Damn you" I said loud enough for everyone coming to the alley including the cops who had just arrived. I then pulled the trigger and he was dead.

the cops came running over to me and helped me into the ambulance. not my first time though i have been in an ambulance many of times. im just happy a little girl didnt die today. and i hope mum and Maggie are proud of me for finally getting rid of that son of a bitch.

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