the story of my life

My name is Avalon, but most people call me Ava. I have a twin sister-Macey- , and my best friend-Marge- ,and she has an older sister-Grace. I'll tell you two things:
#1: life isn't always easy.
#2: this is the story of my life and how it changed forever.


4. the strange awakening

Avalon's Pov.

~Same flashback/nightmare as the one in her nap~

"Stop!," I yell "Stop, please!," I yell again, my voice crackling with panic, along with pain.

~Flashback/nightmare ended~

I wake up to five boys in my room checking to see if I was okay. Wait a minute.....those aren't any ordinary five guys in Marge's was One Direction. I rub my eyes to check my vision and wipe off all of the tears, embarassed that they saw me crying. I heard Harry ask Darcy if she was alright, so I look around to find her, and I can't see her anywhere.......then I realized that he was looking at me. Just then, Marge walks through the door and says "You had the nightmare again, didn't you?" Embarassed, I motion for her to look around and two seconds later, her mouth was wide open. Just as I'm about to laugh at her expression, Harry looks at me with wide eyes, full of concern, and says

"Again? This isn't your first time? Why didn't you tell me this before, Darcy?" His green eye show sympathy, love, and conern for me.......Just like Marcus'.

I open my mouth and say nothing when I gather all of my courage, I simply say "I truly am sorry, but I really can't have eye contact with you right now; please don't ask why; I Just can't; not at this moment." And with that, I turn around and lay there in silence with a broken heart. I just turned down an opportunity to talk to one of the five loves of my life. I waited untill I was sure they were all gone exept for Marge and say "All of this drama because of Marcus."

And Marge replies "True." And then Asks "Why couldn't you keep eye contact with Harry though?"

And I answer calmly, trying not to cry "Because his green eyes were showing sympathy, love, and concern for me," I couldn't bear staying calm and I started crying as I was saying "Just like Marcus......"

Harry's Pov.

I'm so concerned about Darcy. I have quite a few questions I want to ask her like: Why couldn't she keep eye contact with me? Why didn't she tell me this before? and most importantly: Who is Marcus and what did he do to influence this to happen to my little girl? She may be 16 years old, but she is still my little girl. THAT is why I'm listening through the door. And also: Why did she look around the room when I said her name?

Avalon's Pov.

why did Harry call me Darcy? Does he think I'm his daughter? I hope not, because I can't marry my dad!!

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