the story of my life

My name is Avalon, but most people call me Ava. I have a twin sister-Macey- , and my best friend-Marge- ,and she has an older sister-Grace. I'll tell you two things:
#1: life isn't always easy.
#2: this is the story of my life and how it changed forever.


3. the start of something new

                                                                            Avalon's Pov.

I wake up in tears. 'I can't belive I was so stupid to ever love that bastard,' I think to myself. Just as I amgrowing more and more pensive, I hear a knock at the door. I slowly creeped down the stairs, still very fearfull about Marcus. I take a look through the peephole, just to be sure, and it is Marge at the door. As she shuts the door behind her, she says

"You had the nightmare again, didn't you?"

"Yes," I reply. "How did you know?"

"I can see the tearmarks on your shirt and I heard the faint screams," She replied.

Marge's Pov.

I never liked that Marcus. Okay, yes I did..........but only until he hurt Avalon. I hate that mother fucking, son of a-

"So," I say trying to lighten up the mood. "Are you super exited about the contest, because I hope we win it?"

"Yes, yes I am," she replies, with a sparkle in her aqua-blue eyes.

"That's the spirit!!" I exclaim, randomly throwing my arms into the air. Just then, she gets a text.

"Oh...," She says. Being her concerned best friend, I ask her

"Well......" She starts. "Macey says she found a guy to bring home and she wants me out of the house. would you mind if i sleep over at your place?"

"Sure," I say. Just let me call my mom and see if it's okay.

~skips phone call~

I hang up the phone and say "My mom says you can stay the night as long as you try not to scream so much. I got pretty upset at her when she said that because you can't control your screaming when you're asleep."

Avalon's Pov.

How can her mom say that? I love Marge, but her mom can be pretty annoying.

"I'm gonna go pack my stuff and we could head off from there," I say, eager to have yet another sleep-over with Marge. I finish packing up my stuffand we head off to the wonderful world of next-door.

~Skips dinner and shower~

Marge and I both yawn in sync and in unison we say "I'm tired." and laugh a little. then, we both fall into deep sleeps.

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