God Bless

Hark the Herald angels sing, glory for the new-found king, Peace on earth, and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled.


1. God Bless

~~   Angela
“Angela! Wait up!” A girl of twelve years yelled, struggling with her book bag that was filled with homework she had spent all night doing.
 “Here, Sophie.” I said to my little sister by three years.
 She looked up and smiled at me, a blazing smile that seemed to light up the world.
 I smiled back. My smile was dull compared to her’s.
 “What do you two think you’re doing?”
 Sophie’s smile immediately disappeared, and the world went dark. She hid behind me as I turned around, to face…
 “Hello, Dean.” I growled, narrowing my eyes.
 “Oh, hello, Angela. Wasn’t expecting to… see you here.”
 “You really thought that food poisoning trick would work again?”
 “Well, yeah. It worked the last two times.” He pointed out like the jerk he is.
 I could feel Sophie clinging onto my pants. She was being even more afraid than usual…
 “So, what do you want?” I asked, glaring more heavily at him than usual.
 “What, can’t I visit just to see you girls?”
 “No.” I stated. What was he up to?
 I felt something wet on my pants.
 “Leave.” I said loudly. “Now.”
 “And you’ll do what if I don’t?” He said, rummaging through his book bag.
 I could hear Sophie inhale sharply through her nose, and clenched onto me tighter.
 “I-I’m sorry, Angela.” She whispered.
 I looked down to see her, with tears running down her face. A little part of me died. I couldn’t bear to see my sister cry.
 “For what?” I asked, smiling softly towards her.
 That’s when I heard a bullet being shot.
 “Look out!” I yelled, tackling her to the ground.
 I saw my mother gasp and grab her phone from inside. I heard footsteps from the other side, meaning Dean and his gang were going away.
 “A-Angela!” Sophie gasped, tears in her eyes. “Angela… No, no… You won’t die, will you?” she asked, fear choking her voice.
 “Never truly…” I replied weakly, giving my sister one last smile.
 “Angela!” I heard my sister yell.
 Those words were the last thing I heard.


 I was crying my heart out, oh, why did I tell.
 The front door opened and closed, but I barely noticed.
 “W-why? Th-this is all m-my fault!” I yelled into my wet hands.
 “Hush, now Sophie… she may not die… she may not…” Mama said, though I could feel the pain in her voice.
 The raising sirens of ambulances and police cars drew near, but I hadn’t heard.
 “Why? W-why did she have- It wasn’t her time!” I sobbed.
 “Don’t worry, miss. We are taking her to the hospital right now, its going to be-“
 “Don’t say that its going to be alright! You don’t know that! Stop giving me fake hope!”
 He didn’t have the chance to finish. I ran and didn’t look back.
 Don’t look back… Don’t look back… Don’t look back!
 But I did.
 I saw my sister’s blood covering the snowy lawn in crimson. I saw Mama crying, her tears audible from where I was.
 I hid in a snowy bush, looking at the snow as it was it’s fault that Angela died.
 “Sister…” A haunting voice whispered. “Sophie…”
 The voice was chilling. I didn’t see a source, yet I felt the breath upon my face.
 It was a mourning voice, like the wielder was crying desperately.
 “Sophie… do you want to hear a song?”
 I looked around. There was no one around to sing.
 “Do you… Sophie?” The voice echoed in my brain.
 I nodded vigorously. I wished to hear my sister’s voice… her wonderful singing voice… one last time.
 “Hark, how all the welkin rings,
“Glory to the King of kings;
 Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
 God and sinners reconciled!”

Joyful, all ye nations, rise,
 Join the triumph of the skies;
 Universal nature say,
“Christ the Lord is born to-day!”

Christ, by highest Heaven ador’d,
 Christ, the everlasting Lord:
 Late in time behold him come,
 Offspring of a Virgin’s womb!

Veiled in flesh, the Godhead see,
 Hail the incarnate deity!
 Pleased as man with men to appear,
 Jesus! Our Immanuel here!

Hail, the heavenly Prince of Peace!
 Hail, the Sun of Righteousness!
 Light and life to all he brings,
 Risen with healing in his wings.

Mild He lays his glory by,
 Born that man no more may die;
 Born to raise the sons of earth;
 Born to give them second birth.

Come, Desire of nations, come,
 Fix in us thy humble home;
 Rise, the woman’s conquering seed,
 Bruise in us the serpent’s head.

Now display thy saving power,
 Ruined nature now restore;
 Now in mystic union join
 Thine to ours, and ours to thine.

Adam’s likeness, Lord, efface;
 Stamp Thy image in its place.
 Second Adam from above,
 Reinstate us in thy love.

Let us Thee, though lost, regain,
 Thee, the life, the inner Man:
 O! to all thyself impart,
 Form’d in each believing heart.”

 I was crying. That was out favorite Christmas song. We would huddle ‘round the small tree in the yard and sing with Mama in three-part harmony. I was the baritone, Mama was the alto, and Angela was the serprano everyone longed to hear. Now, no one will hear her voice again.
 I looked up from my wet gloves, and gasped.
 “A-Angela!” I yelled, and ran up to hug her.
 I couldn’t believe it! She-she was there! In front of me!
 “Is that really you?” I whispered, afraid of the answer.
 She smiled, her white teeth reflecting off the winter sun.
 “Yes, Sophie… it’s me.”
 But… that’s when I noticed… There wasn’t any snow on the ground anymore.
 I gasped. Angela was wearing the most beautiful dress I had ever seen! It shimmered as she moved, and seemed to change color. But I knew it was white. Whiter than fresh snow, it was. She had winter wings spreading across her back, feathered as a bird’s.
 She was paler than she was in life.
 I giggled.
 Angela was confused. “What is it?” She asked.
 I giggled again. “Angela… you’re Angela the Angel!” I exclaimed.
 She smiled and shook her head. “Oh, Sophie.”
 And for that moment, everything was perfect.
 Until she said something I never wanted to hear.
 “Sophie… I must leave now.” She said, sorrow taking over her eyes.
 “What? No! Stay! Please!” I begged her.
 She shook her head again. “I cannot, Sophie.”
 She was fading away. I didn’t want her to go!
 I sniffled. “W-will you visit?” I asked, though knew the answer.
 “Even if I could, I wouldn’t have to.”
I looked up to meet her eyes.
 “B-but you-“
 “Remember Sophie, I am never truly dead.” She said, softly, a hum in her voice.
 I felt her hand against my cheek, and immediately raised mine to meet it.
 “God bless you, Sophie.”
 And she was gone.
 The snow was back, as if it was never gone.
 I was standing there, alone, in winter woods.
 “Sophie!” I heard. I turned to meet Mama’s eyes, the exact color of Angela’s.
 “She’s alive.” Mama said. “Angela’s alive.”
 My eyes widened, and my face broke into a smile, as I saw my sister walk towards us.
 Her head was wrapped in a bandage, a stain of blood where she was shot.
 “Angela!” I yelled, running to give her a hug. “B-but how?”
 Angela shrugged, but her eyes had a twinkle that said she knew.
 And I knew too.
 “God bless you, Sophie.” Angela said, that knowing twinkle in her eye.
 “God bless miracles! God bless everyone!”

                                                                    THE END

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