1-15 Moments To Remember

People say bye to each other, and so did I. We all have to say bye someday. We all feel like we need to say some things to each other, but it is hard to say, face-to-face. Here are some of the things I never got to say to my friends as I said bye. Even though I may never meet them again, I hope they'll always remember me....


9. Moment 6 (For Julia Grisius)


Hey Julia!!! 

You're one of my best friends and I'm going to miss you so much!!!! 

You're really nice, generous, and optimistic! You smile all the time! When I'm with you, I feel happy, too. 

I want to play with you, but you're always with Sarah and all of those other girls.

You are totally awesome and pretty! You're really fun to talk to and you are very fun to play with. 

The class feels empty when you're not at school. 

I'll miss you so much... But I hope to see you later, as a super popular girl. 

~Ho Young 

*Written while listening to Diana, You and I, and One Thing by One Direction.*

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