1-15 Moments To Remember

People say bye to each other, and so did I. We all have to say bye someday. We all feel like we need to say some things to each other, but it is hard to say, face-to-face. Here are some of the things I never got to say to my friends as I said bye. Even though I may never meet them again, I hope they'll always remember me....


8. Moment 5 (For Trey Cox)

Hey Annoying Smurf, 

This is Ho Young. (That you call "Mrs. Grinch") 

You are annoying a lot of times, but you are one of my friends, you know. I'll miss you. Even the times when you say What's up with the negativity, Ho Young?! 

The reason that your letter is the first letter out of all of the other kids is because you are sort of special to me. 

I'm not saying that I like you or anything, because I don't! 

It's just because you helped me control my anger (sort of) and you was a good study partner. Remember our first Spanish project? 

I forgot which country we picked, but it was fun doing it, I guess. Even though I did do all of the work! The only thing you did was glue down the pictures! 

I also remember the time when Sarah and I were calling you and Charlie names during Spanish. That was fun! 

But you got mad so much! 

And I also remember when you "claimed" that you have OCD. Okay, you kinda do have OCD. 

You always try to make the stack of books on your desk "perfect." It was really funny when you got mad at me because I messed your pile up. 

(Sorry if that made you mad, but it's true!) 

I also remember that you ALWAYS say the definition of the words for our reading vocabulary test EVERY WEEK! It is very annoying, you know. 

But it was very helpful sometimes when I didn't study for the test. 

Even though we were sort of frenemies, I would always miss you. 

(And I sort of did have a crush on you during third grade.) 

~Ho Young. 

*Written while listening to Story of My Life, Midnight Memories, and Right Now by One Direction.*

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