1-15 Moments To Remember

People say bye to each other, and so did I. We all have to say bye someday. We all feel like we need to say some things to each other, but it is hard to say, face-to-face. Here are some of the things I never got to say to my friends as I said bye. Even though I may never meet them again, I hope they'll always remember me....


6. Moment 3 (For Sarah Culkin)

Hey Sarah, 

This is sort of awkward because I'm not really the person who writes letters that much. 

I'm good at making the covers of the cards, but not the inside part of the card.... So please understand if I sound awkward or weird. 

And I'm sorry the picture is blurry, I tried my best to make it look as nice as possible, though... 

Tbh (To be honest), you are very pretty and I'll miss you so much! 

You are so good at making things with duck tape and I love the way how you make your cards... 

I'm sorry I was sort of mean to you sometimes... But to be honest, I really like you. You are one of my best friends. 

You are one of the friends who really care about me. When I'm sick or something, Martina totally ignores it and lives on. 

But you gave me cards and stuff. You are really a true friend. <3 

And you really make me feel better when I'm sad... 

I'll miss passing notes with you and listening to your voice. I'll miss every single bit of you!!!!! 

Here's a picture of us together at my house when you came over... I'll miss you!!! 

~Ho Young 

*Written while listening to Live While We're Young and Story of My Life by One Direction.*

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