The beginning

What happens after Harry and Ron leave hogwarts? Hermione is left to complete her education. With no one still with her at hogwarts from her year, she tries to get through the long year. Finally, Christmas break is nearing. But with hermione gone visiting Harry and Ron, is hogwarts in danger?


11. Loving and Missing

Harry pulled Ginny into a long embrace, before kissing her. Ginny passionately kissed him back. 

"I love you," Ginny told him.

"I love you, too." Harry replied. And they walked downstairs together, hand in hand.

"Are you alright, Harry?" Molly Weasley inquired to the couple coming down the stairs, smiling, and holding hands.

"He's quite alright, Mum." Ginny replied. "We're quite alright."


The next day, Hermione carried Jinxer to the window. She grabbed some parchment and her best quill. She started to write:

Dear James, 

I don't know if you remember me yet, but I haven't forgotten you. I hope you are alright. I miss you very much! Please write me back! Please have the nurse also write me to give me an update on your condition. 

Love, Hermione

Hermione heaved a sigh. When would he remember her? She was afraid of losing her best friend at Hogwarts. But she remembered that hope is the only thing stronger than fear. And she used that. 

She put the folded letter in an envelope and mailed it to:

Mr. James McBrowning

The Hospital Wing

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

She gave it to Jinxer and off he flew. 

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