This girl named Amber started cutting at age 12 and now she is 17 and she is still doing it some cuts were very deep but one day she met Niall Horan They became best friends that was the only friend she had because she was bullyed she was called Fat,ugly,bad words,and more she is still bullyed today but hanging with Niall is like her only family but they get into a fight and she moves away and it gets worst with the cuts now so read to find out what happens to Amber!


2. Getting a Job!

Amber's Pov...So today i was going to the mall to get a job so i got dressed and this is what i wore:

ofcourse i had to wear long sleves because of my cuts i do not want to show them infront of people anyway i got in my blue jeep and went off to the mall to find that job i wanted so i then got there and i walked around to find Nando's the restrunt place so finally i found it i went in and on the window it said Job open so i walked in and the person in front was the boss of the place so i went up there and she said "how may i help you" i said i am looking for a job to work here she said "then you are hired i will show you around" so after that i got the hang of it i will work every friday now so i did cook some food today for my new job and at the end of the day this blonde guy he looked like some one i knew i said to him exuse me well who are you he said "i am Niall,Niall Horan" then he said "who are you" i said i am Amber then i said i think i remember you from junior high then he said "ohh i rememer you i have not seen you for years" i said yeah" then he said "Well we should hang out more " i said yeah we should well i am sorry i gtg he then said "wait a min" *he looked at Amber's arm* he just said"Ohh my god are you okay" i then said i am sorry i gtg bye" i then rushed home and once i got home i went in the bathroom and locked the door and i started to cry and got the mini knife out and started to cut once again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thx for reading my chapter please favor more~Whipcream girl!

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