This girl named Amber started cutting at age 12 and now she is 17 and she is still doing it some cuts were very deep but one day she met Niall Horan They became best friends that was the only friend she had because she was bullyed she was called Fat,ugly,bad words,and more she is still bullyed today but hanging with Niall is like her only family but they get into a fight and she moves away and it gets worst with the cuts now so read to find out what happens to Amber!


3. at school once again

Amber'pov...yesterday was a messed up day but today is going to be the same type of day like any other day so I got dressed for school I had to wear a jacket because of my new cuts well that jackets was my favorite it had a letter A on the side for my name and on one half was white then on the other side it was red so then I went off to school I walked there I then got there once I got in the hall way of course I had to get my stuff organized together for class so I did but then this girl came up to me named Chloe I hated her she grabed my folder and said do you need this I said yes then she through it across the hall way it was a mess but the the blonde guy Niall comes to help clean it up I said "I am sorry about yesterday" and then Niall says "why do you cut your self?" I said "do you really want to know why" Niall said "yes i would want to know" then I said "well I got hate by haters on the internet and then school students called me fat,ugly and more then my whole family started to blam stuff on me for no reason so that's why I do self harm" Niall then said "well I will keep you safe by those haters" I said " thanks Niall" then we both went to class but after class he asked me out on a date I said " sure I will go out with you" "so tonight at 11:00 " Niall said then I said "I'll be their" we said bye and we left school and went home to get ready for the date!!! ~whipcream girl

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