You and I (A Harry Styles Love Story)

I Heard that your a player. So let's play a game.
Let's go on cute dates. Let's make each other laugh until our stomach hurts. Let's share cute kisses. Let's share warm hugs. Let's pretend we trust each other. Let's tell each other that we love each other.
Whoever falls in love first, loses.


4. That guy.

"Omg I cant believe that you seriously asked him that!" Isabel laughed.

"I know!" I said, laughing along.

Isabel and I have been having a really fun time at McDonald's. We filled out stomachs with dollar menu food, then we went on the play set like little children. Isabel kept sneaking nervous glances outside, but every  time I tried to look outside for myself, she diverted my attention. I guess that she was just paranoid about the whole situation.

"I think its time to leave we've been here forever." I said.

"Oh thanks for reminding me."

We walked outside and I sighed in exasperation.

On the other end of the parking lot was the same car that had been following us. I couldn't see the face clearly, but I could the silhouette of someone sitting in the drivers seat.  And it was definitely a guy.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"We go to the concert and forget this ever happened and pretend that this isn't bothering us." she said, walking towards our car.

"Isabel, you know I have anxiety I cant just shake this off." I said.

"Eliza! Now is not the time to have your stupid anxiety attacks!" she whisper-yelled.

"I cant help them!" I yelled.

I hate how everyone thinks that I can help my anxiety and that I can control them. If I could I would ok! People just don't understand.

"Whatever." she sighed.

Once we got into the car, she turned on a slow song I didn't even know.

"Seriously? Do you think that now is the time for music?" I asked.

She turned the music off. "Are you a Directioner yet?" She questioned

"I don't know am I?" I fired back.

"How many albums do they have?"


"What are their names?"


"Um. Lewis Thompson, William Shayne, Cory Smiles, Neil Norton, and Zack Malik."

"Wow that was so off I don't even know where to begin. You got the Malik part right though. Its Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik."


She laughed, turning the music back on.

"This is called Summer Love." she said.


Once we got into the stadium, it was packed. Almost overflowing.

"Where are our seats?" I yelled to Isabel over the noise.

"Section 110 row CC seat 3 and 4, help me find it!" she shouted.

"Wait I know where its at!" She screamed after a couple moments.

We went to our seats quickly, careful not to get separated through the crowd.

The concert was going great. I didn't know most of the songs they played though. So I just kind of stood there awkwardly.

"Ok, so now we are going to take some twitter questions from the fans now." I think the one named Louis shouted.

"By @emilydawsonloves1D: Louis, do you still love carrots?" Liam read out loud.

"Um, do you know what year it is Emily?" Louis answered.

"Well that answers that." Harry said.

"Ok, um this one's from @Amy_is_da_bomb_: 'Niall, how high can you jump?'" I think Niall read.

"Well lets see. By the way I love your twitter name." The same one said.

The entire crowd laughed. Why were they laughing? Its not even funny.

Niall jumped and did a kind of split thing in the air. The whole crowd oooed.

"Ok this one's" Harry said looking at the board.

I looked at the board and gasped. As long as the rest of the crowd. I saw Liam raising his hands in confusion at some people on the side of the stage. They raised their hands right back, also in confusion.

"I guess we are having some technical difficulties." one of them said.

I really didn't care at that moment. I was to shocked to comprehend anything.

'@N: I am coming for you Eliza Bronz. I will find you.' it read.

"Well I think that's it for the questions." Zayn said.

Then black curtain swept over and covered the board.

I absorbed the scene before me. There were tons of people here. I would never find him. But if I did, what would I do? Do I even want to find him? I looked at the people on stage, so clueless as to what was happening.

Harry and Liam were talking to some people dressed in all black, I guess they were the technicians. Harry had a mixture of emotions in his face. He looked confused and annoyed, but most of all, worried. Was he worried No, there has to be another Eliza Bronz he knows and he's worried about her. Yeah, that's it. Liam just looked plain confused.

Suddenly the man talking to Harry left and came back with a tall, muscular man. He looked mean, like a security guard. Harry looked up and him and started talking, using his hands as visual aids. The guy nodded and said something to Harry. He looked a little more relaxed but not fully relieved.

I looked at Isabel and she was wearing the same expression as me.

They sang a few more songs, but I wasn't listening. Isabel was singing a long but wasn't dancing and pumping her fist in the air like she was before.

"Eliza Bronz. You need to come with me." A deep voice said from behind me............ 

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