You and I (A Harry Styles Love Story)

I Heard that your a player. So let's play a game.
Let's go on cute dates. Let's make each other laugh until our stomach hurts. Let's share cute kisses. Let's share warm hugs. Let's pretend we trust each other. Let's tell each other that we love each other.
Whoever falls in love first, loses.


3. Story of My Life

"Oh my gosh!" I heard Isabel gasp behind me.

"I know." I said walking up to her. "I have no idea what caused it."

"What was in the package?" she asked.

I had completely forgotten about the package in all of the ruckus that had been going on.

"Dunno. Haven't opened it yet." I said.

"Who sent it?" she asked.

"There's no return address....."

"Well that's weird..." Isabel trailed off.

I opened the package and both Isabel and I gasped.

In the package was a rough edge knife with crusted blood along the tip and edge. It was a big knife to. Big enough to kill someone.......

"There's a note." Isabel said after a few moments of pure shock.

I slowly picked the bloody note, neatly folded in half. I shakily opened it.


                         Dear Eliza,

                   Thought you could get away from me that easy, huh?

                   I told you I would come back, but of course, you thought I was kidding.

                   I wasn't kidding.

                   Here's a little reminder of that promise.       -N

Isabel and I looked at each other, both sharing the same thought.

Who's N?

"Le-lets not worry about that now. Lets just enjoy the concert." said Isabel.

"Ok." I agreed, still a little shaken up.

"You saved your bag right?" Isabel asked.

"Yeah lets go!" I shouted, wanting to get my thoughts away from the disturbing content of the box.


N's P.O.V.

I watched out the window from across the street as she opened the box.

She looked a little shaken up at first, but she quickly recovered.

Looks like I would have to work harder to get her scared out of her wits.


Eliza's P.O.V.

Once I loaded my bag into Isabel's car I hopped in.

"Okay so since you don't like One Direction now and since we are going to their concert.... I'm gonna make you a Directioner!" Isabel yelled excitedly.

"What are you gonna do?" I said nervously.

"Make you listen to almost all their songs on the way there and give you information about the boys and on the songs and then im gonna quiz you to see if you were listening."

"Omg." I sighed. This was going to be a long drive.

"This song is called What Makes You Beautiful. They didn't write this song themselves though. It was a guy from America that Simon Cowell hired. I forgot his name though. So yeah here." She said playing the song.

*                   *               *                  *                    *              *             *               *              *       


So far what I've learned is that Niall is Irish, laughs at everything, is immature (just like all the others), and has a huge appetite. Liam is the most responsible, likes batman, was born with one kidney, had something like 32 injections in one day, and is afraid of spoons. Louis is VERY immature, likes girls who like carrots and Lamborghinis, likes to wear stripes and suspenders, and a lot of other things I cant name. Zayn is mysterious and is dating Perrie from Little Mix, is a Muslim, almost always has a goatee, and is the 'Bradford bad boi'. Harry is the flirt, he is an aquarius, likes tacos, talks slow, and is Louis' best friend. What I've learned about them all together is that they all auditioned for the x factor as solo artists in 2010, but got put together by Simon Cowell as a boyband and they came in third, they have three albums (Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories), they have gone on tour for their first and second album and are going to go on there 'Where We Are' tour for their album Midnight Memories in 2014.

"Isabel are we almost done with this album?" I asked.

"Your lucky I don't have the yearbook edition, so yes." she said.

I sighed in relief.

"Buuuuuuut, I do have the deluxe version of Midnight Memories and that has 18 tracks on it, so yeah." she said.

She suddenly turned off the music and her expression hardened.

"What? What is it?" I asked concerned.

"Theres a car following us." She simply stated.

"Oh my gosh Isabel. I thought something was seriously wrong with you. Its probably just some girls going to the same place as us." I said.

"No, its a guy, and he's been following us since we left." she said.

Now I was more than a little freaked out.

"Isabel, I'm getting really scared." I shivered. "I mean the knife, the note, the FIRE!"

"You have no proof of what caused that fire!" Isabel said.

"Whatever lets just stop at Mcdonalds for dinner and see if he leaves." Isabel suggested.

"O-ok." I stuttered.

"Ok." she said pulling into the parking lot.

"Shall we?" She asked once were right in front the door, jutting out her elbow for me to latch onto.

"Yes we shall." I giggled, and latched onto her arm and walked into Mcdonalds.

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