You and I (A Harry Styles Love Story)

I Heard that your a player. So let's play a game.
Let's go on cute dates. Let's make each other laugh until our stomach hurts. Let's share cute kisses. Let's share warm hugs. Let's pretend we trust each other. Let's tell each other that we love each other.
Whoever falls in love first, loses.


2. Fire!

Today was Tuesday and I was dreading it.

I did not want to go to a stupid concert for some people I didn't even like. I would rather go to a Little Mix concert. Now they are some good singers. Though I wasn't obsessed with them. I knew a bit about them also though. Was I a Mixer? I know all their names and what their voices sound like, I own all their albums, I know their history on the Xfactor.....

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a rapid knocking on the door.

I went to answer the door knowing that it couldn't be Isabel because it was only 2:00.

I opened the door and saw nobody, I looked left and right, still nobody.

I was about to close the door when I looked down and saw a package on my doormat. It was in a brown box, not wrapped or anything.

Eager to see what was inside the mysterious package. I carried the package inside. It wasn't that heavy and the thing inside slid around every time I took a step.

I set the thing on the table and was about to rip the box open when an alarm went of. But not any alarm, the fire alarm.

Why was the fire alarm going off? It must need batteries. I grabbed a kitchen rag and started to beet the air around  the alarm, hopefully making it quite again. Once I had gotten the fire alarm quite and was about to set the rag down, it went off a second time! This time I grabbed a chair and pulled out the useless batteries.

I would have just beaten it off the second time, but I had caught a cold over the weekend and wasn't able to breath through my nose, which really bothered me.

I had completely forgotten the package and walked up the stairs to get my already packed bag,

I noticed that it was really warm in the hall, so I turned on the A.C. Then I realized the it was really smoky in the stupid hall. One of the neighbors must be burning something. I Huffed and ran to my room and closed the open window.

I grabbed my suitcase when I realized that I forgot my phone, I ran back into the room to get my phone and, with my phone in hand, started towards the guest room to get my reading glasses.

I touched the knob of the door and it almost burned me! It was scalding hot! I ran down to the kitchen to get an oven mitt and tried to open the door again.

When the door opened, the entire room was on fire! I screamed and ran downstairs with my bag and phone, grabbed the package, and ran out side.

Once I was out of the house, I quickly dialed 9-1-1.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?" The woman asked.

"My name is Eliza Bronz and my house is on fire!" I said, sounding panicked.

"Miss please stay calm. What is your address?"

I quickly told her my address.

"The fire department is on their way." The woman said

"Thank you!" I said then hung up.

It only took five minutes before the fire department showed up.

"Miss do you have any idea what caused the fire?" the police man asked.

"Not a clue." I said.

"Can you describe your experience?"

I gave him my best description about the way the fire started.

"Ok mam' we will take your situation into account. But you might want to live with a relative or friend for a couple days while the smoke clears out of the area." he suggested.

"Sure." I said dully.

He nodded and walked away. I decided to call Isabel.

"Hey." I said when she picked up.

"Hey." she answered back.

I gave Isabel a quick description on what went down at my house just minutes ago.

"Oh my gosh Eliza! I'm so sorry! I'm leaving my house right now!" She said.

"Ok, come quick. I hate the smell of smoke." I complained.

"Ok, I'm on my way! Taeyo!" She said.

"Taeyo." I answered back. then hung up.

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