One direction story


2. chapter 1

It was a snowy day in London England, me and my friend was walking down the street to go to Big Ben when we see one direction in front of the famous house singing. "It looks like there filming a music video" I said to my friend but she didn't care she started slapping my arm and screaming and she just froze "why don't u go over there and say hi" she nodded her head but didnt go so I gave her a little push. She looked back and said "aren't you coming?" I shook my head and said "no I'm gonna stay here and wait for you" so she just walked over and started to talk to them. So I leaned back on the fence and started playing with my phone and all of a sudden a dog bite my jacket and I screamed like a little girl and took my arms out of the sleeves and yanked my jacket away an looked and whispered "well this isn't no good anymore" so I threw it in a trash can and walked over to my friends and the guys and said "are u ready to go?". She said "no" and Harry said "where are you going?" "Big Ben or like the 100th time" he nodded my head an I looked at my friend and started to walk away shivering when Harry says "do u want my jacket?" I looked bak and shook my head. "But your gonna be cold" Harry said I shrugged and turned around and started walking again and put my arms inside my shirt and then I can hear all of them coming up behind me an then Harry put his jacket over my shoulder an I looked over at him an smiles an he smiled back. "So you've been here before" Niall said "yea we got a vacation house here.. My dad is uh actually a multi billionaire" "So why are you walking" zayn asked I shrugged a little "walking a better and it's beautiful this time of year". We finally got there and I took a pic of me in front of It and then took a pic if me an Harry in front of it and took lots more and then I called for a limo to come pick us up. A little later the limo picks us up in front of Big Ben and my friend gets in and I ask the boys if they want to come to they hesitate but they get in and I get in after all of them and shut the door. "So your dad is a multi billionaire huh" Lou said "yea" I laugh a little it takes us 30 minutes to get to my house and as we approach we all look out the window and the boys gasp "that's your house" Harry said surprised "it looked like the queen of England's house and the White House" zayn said. I get out "yup it's really huge" I smiled and walked up to the guards and they let me in and I walk up the long drive way and walk in the house on my mom watching tv "hi mommy" I said and ran up to her and gave her a hug "where have you been" she asked as my friend and the boys walked in the house and shut the door and she looked at the boys and back at me and winked. I laughed and said "mom. There 1D no funny buissness and we went to Big Ben" as I start to walk away "oh honey go see your dad in his office and were going to a fancy party tonight so we'll be gone for a while" "ok mom" I walk down the long corridor and get to the end and take a left then walk a little ways and take another right and walk down there as the boys and my friend follows me. I finally get to the office and knocked in the door and walked in without a greeting and gave my dad a hug and said "love u". And I walked out "ok guys my room is on the 4th floor do you wanna take the stairs or the elevator?" Everyone said elevator so we walked down the hall and entered the elevator and I pressed the 4th floor we get to the top and I get off and take a right. I got to the 4th door down and go in my room and my friend goes to her room right next to mine and the boys go in her room first so I shut my door and change in my spongebob pj's and put my hair in a ponytail and got on my computer. I heard a knock on the door and I said "it's open" an I see Harry walk thru and I get up an hand him his jacket "thanks for loaning it to me" I smiled "it's yours, you can keep it if you want it?" He said I put it on my arm and put it on my bed an look over my shoulder "thanks" I blush a little. He walks in my bathroom and he gets even more amazed "this is almost the size of your bedroom" he yells as he walks out I the bathroom and over to me by the computer "yea it is wanna know the best thing about this big house?" "Sure" "no one can here you when u moan or have sex" I wink and he gulps and bites his lip a little. "So what are you working on" "oh nothing" my mom comes on try the intercom an says there leaving so I motion Harry to come on and I go to my friends room and tell them I come to the living room when there ready, me and Harry walks down to the living room alone in silence. When we get there I see my mom and dad by the door waiting for me to get there I go and give them a hug and they asked if I was going I shook my head and said "I'm staying here with the boys and gonna watch a movie" I looked back at Harry and asked "you guys are staying right?" "Most defiantly" he said so my parent left an I went over to the wall and looked at the medium sized screen and presses the button to lock all the sorts that goes outside and all the windows an I went on the intercom and said "everyone come to the living room" a couple minutes later everyone was sitting on the couch. "So what movie do u guys want to watch?" "Anything" my friend said so I put In a scary movie and sit next to Harry. As the movie starts he slowly puts his arm around my shoulder and and I blush but I let him and my friend sits in the middle of zayn and Niall and she was getting horny cause you could see that her pants was a little wet. In the middle of the movie a Soren went off and lights came out of the celling and was flashing red I grabbed a remote and pressed a button and on the wall behind us a little piece of the wall went in then up and showed a fingerprint scanner and a key pad "what's happening" my friend said "I don't know" I yelled over the siren and I ran over there and out my thumb on the scanner and enter the key code and it said access granted and the bookshelf next to it made a sound and came out and went up and made some smoke. We all went inside and the shelf closed they asked again "ok so we have laser sensors on the outside of the perimeter so we can get a warning If anyone's coming" "oh" Niall said I pulled up a screen with my two fingers (it's virtual) and I pressed the button security cameras and then we saw a guy with a machete and a gun coming to the wall so I pressed the secure button and all the windows and doors locked down with stern in front of all those things and I turned of the sirens and lights and I called video called my mom and dad and said "intruders" they nodded and said "secure the stuff" I nodded and ended the call and pressed a button and said "back up car follow my mom and dad and don't let anyone near them". I placed my hand on the scanner and another piece of the wall opened up and I grabbed a gun and it closed "you guys stay here.. I got to do something" "I'm coming with you" Harry said I looked at him "ok but you guys stay here you'll be safe" me and Harry exit out of the safe place and I make sure it closes and me and him run all the way down the hall and gets to my dads office and I get on his computer and enter some stuff and all the bookshelfs behind him moves up and there's another room. We enter an I turn off the traps and goes and grabs the thing he needs me to and puts it in my pocket. Harry looks at me and kisses me quickly "just in case" he smirks

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