You went from small to large.

Et digt som jeg har skrevet, omkring Justin. Overskriften siger lidt om det hele - "You went from small to large".


1. fuck what they think.

You went from small to large, A big step that no one would have done. One step that few dared. One step that many should. You got your own life to make a turn, and suddenly there was changed a whole lot of things. You knew that you were... Born to be somebody! 2008 something amazing with it. Attention it came to you. Out in the world, you were ready, the clincher was the start. This was, no one had foreseen, but with one it suddenly happened. But you knew that ... It's a big, big world, and it's easy to get lost in it. Celebrities knew you in record time. Over Justin you chose Usher, and the game was not gentle. A year passed before the single came out, We girls were as if struck by a shot. You melted our hearts, hit after hit, as you were hit you particularly mine. You know what the right words were ... I’m tells you one time .When did the wild life to see? ”Baby” was the word that made it happen .The world was great and the tour came, and it turned right on. No one thought a boy from Stratford, Ontario would get this far, But you never said was that you did not go blank. The girls hoped you sang about them ... And I was like baby, baby, baby.. The little boy who had taught himself to play and sing, there was no one who knew him, hoping hung in sling. Was interested in sports and had a family so near, made me realize ' that you just wanted to learn ‘. I saw that I lacked that inspiration in my life, Lacked this hero to free me from sorrow and whistling .That's why you are so ...Down to earth. I became more and more proud of you, and when I got hit, it was not just a game. I have never seen so much up to one. And it was probably what the whole idea was. You are more than just one known to me; you get me to believe that I have always dream with me. I supported you right from the first. And I will support you to the end. That's why I also sing ... I will never let you go. Seeing my hero facing me, Stand where I can just say a normal ' hello ' … Say thank you and tell you how much you help , Give you a big hug and tell you how my life changes . Tell you that this was my biggest dream, and it was your fault that it went like a stream. "The cutest hair and smile" is only a plus. Because when I never say never, it is to meet my hero, Justin! I will never say never, I will fight! I will fight too for-ever!

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