For Scarlett (A Loki FanFiction)

In the cold month of December, Loki and Scarlett meet. He is in need of a hand and she is willing to give one. Over the course of a couple of days they become strong friends, despite the fact that Loki is a wanted criminal and Scarlett a policewoman. They help each other and listen to each other, and try to give the strong friendship they both need. Christmas comes and goes, tears are shed and presents are given, but when a Boxing Day walk turns into a capture, will their newly found friendship be strong enough to last through it? Featuring: Loki, Thor and maybe the Avengers


6. Thor


Loki spent a grand total of $34 on clothes and a further $16 on lunch for the pair (he had insisted). His new clothes were very 'fashionable' apparently, and Scarlett had insisted that he wore them for the rest of the day. Scarlett happily spent a further $18 on him when she saw a shirt that was just 'so him.'

They talked over lunch more about Christmas, the holiday was beginning to make sense to Loki. In his eyes, he had to get Scarlett a present. He'd never taken part in the festivities in Asgard, and had himself only ever received a couple of gifts from his brother at the times of celebration. So Scarlett must have a gift.

He searched in every shop for one good enough, but came up short. Loki was beginning to worry. With only five days left until Christmas, how was he supposed to find a gift?

As they were driving home, Scarlett noticed Loki's dull mood and interrogated him about it.

"Just tell me," she demanded.


"Is it your brother?"

Loki thought hard before answering that question.

Was it his brother?

Could he blame Thor? Yes. He could. But at the same time, it was more the world's fault than Thor's. He was perhaps the only one who ever smiled at Loki when they were young. He was the only one who would help him out of difficulties, stand up for him... Protect him. And yet, all of Loki's hate had been projected onto him. All the angst, the pain. So in the end, could he really blame the blond Asgardian he named as his brother? ...No.


"C'mon just tell me. Have I done something wrong?"

"Certainly not." Then Scarlett realised something.

"Is this about Christmas?"


"You can stay for as long as you need to, you know that. I won't boot you out for Christmas. I just wouldn't do that."

"I know you wouldn't. That's the problem."

"What, that I'm too nice?" Scarlett said sarcastically.


The two went silent. The car was parked up outside the flats and the engine cut off. As Loki tried to exit, Scarlett grabbed his wrist and pulled him back in. He was forced to look her in the eye.

"You don't have to get me anything."

"But I do."

"Well, how about you magic me something? I would absolutely love that, Loki," she said seriously. Loki smiled at her and nodded. Tears pricked at Scarlett's eyes.

This man was so misunderstood. His attacks weren't led by his heart, and his words weren't thought through. He was loving, compassionate and utterly selfless, and she had only known him for a couple of days! How could she see this and not the world? He was being wrongly persecuted and no one anywhere was stopping to listen to what he had to say. It was all so unfair.

"Let's go," she said, simply.

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