For Scarlett (A Loki FanFiction)

In the cold month of December, Loki and Scarlett meet. He is in need of a hand and she is willing to give one. Over the course of a couple of days they become strong friends, despite the fact that Loki is a wanted criminal and Scarlett a policewoman. They help each other and listen to each other, and try to give the strong friendship they both need. Christmas comes and goes, tears are shed and presents are given, but when a Boxing Day walk turns into a capture, will their newly found friendship be strong enough to last through it? Featuring: Loki, Thor and maybe the Avengers


5. Cuddler


The morning sun burst through the windows in Loki's room, waking him up. He'd retreated back there after the film the night before, him and Scarlett having finished the day. Yesterday had been a great day for him, he'd barely worried about anything. Well, except for Daniel. He needed to be sorted out.

The young man left his room and went to the kitchen. After he'd come to the conclusion that Scarlett was asleep, he poured himself a glass of water and went to the lounge. He wanted to do something amazing like cook breakfast for her, to show her how thankful he was for everything she was giving him, but he couldn't cook to save his life - with or without magic.

Loki sipped at his water. He noticed Seb asleep in front of the TV and gently picked him up to hug against his chest. Loki was very attached to the cat. He thought it very soft and mysterious. Seb was also very cuddly.

Before long Scarlett was awake and making coffee and toast for herself, obviously assuming that Loki was still asleep. She was mistaken.

"Would you like a hand?" Scarlett jumped half out of her skin at his voice.

"Ah... No. No, I'm alright here. You want toast, yeah?" Loki nodded. "You have enough time to take a shower before we need to eat this and leave. Shops shut early today." Loki just nodded again and went to shower himself.

When he was done, he put on his dressing gown and went to his room to dry himself off with the towel which was on the back of the door. He found a set of clothes on his bed.

Loki dressed and went to see Scarlett, who was just coming out of the bathroom with a towel on her head after washing her hair. He snickered.

"Toast's on the bar," she told him, ignoring his laughs. "I'll be ready to go in about an hour."

"Okay. Thank you."

"Oh, and Loki?"


"Those clothes don't look that bad on you."

"That towel doesn't look that bad on you either."

"Oh ha ha. See you in a minute," she said, and whisked past him to get ready. Loki went to eat his toast with Seb and the TV.

Scarlett dried her hair and put on some makeup, then she turned to her dress problem. What to wear? She eventually chose a simple cream blouse and black leggings.

The two left shortly afterwards. As they were in the car, Loki asked Scarlett why she didn't think Colette suited her.

"It's French. And I can't even speak French. One day I'd like to go but... Anyway, the name's just not me."

"I think it suits you perfectly." Scarlett smiled a bit and pulled up in the car park.

"C'mon then. A lot to do today. Here," she thrust a wallet at Loki.

"What's this?"

"That's your allowance. You can spend that however you want. Should be about $500 in cash."

"Why would you give me this?"

"Hey, how are you gonna buy stuff without money?"

Loki just grinned and then, he did something he hadn't done in a long time... He wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. When they'd broken off, both were smiling.

"C'mon, Cuddler, let's go," Scarlett said, walking away. Loki ran to catch up.

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