The freak

Its About this Girl Katrina and she has alot going on in her life and she tries to kill herself


2. The slight Desend

Part 2-
Katrina woke up and felt sick. So sick. She was alone on the bathroom floor. She jerked up and emptied her stomach into the toilet. Tears streamed down her face.
She sat up angrily. She could not even die right! She walked downstairs and saw her family sitting at the table. Nobody knew, Nobody cared. She sat down and began to eat.
"Katrina how was school yesterday?" Her Father asked.
"How are you sweetie?" Her mum asked.
"I'm fine." She said and pulled a big smile. Her mum smiled back and handed her some pancakes.
"There you go, dear."
"Thanks mum." She said and nibbled at the food.
"Time for school!" Her brother called. He was the only one who cared. The only one who knew about her cutting.
"Katrina, Come to my car. I'll drive, Ya Kay?"
"Kay." She said and walked with him to his car. She sat down in the passenger seat and he started up the car.
"I know what you did."
"How?" She asked.
"You have that look about you."
"I did nothing."
"Katrina.... Ya know I love you right."
"I am only trying to help."
Katrina looked up at him. She fidgeted nervously with her sleeves.
"Katrina, I want you to tell me what you did."
"I-I Tried to kill myself."
He sucked in a breath. "Katrina?"
"Never try again."
"No. I love you to much..".
Katrina looked back at him and tears were in his eyes.
"I love you too." She said hugging him.
He hugged her and said, "Have a good day at school and do not let the bully's get to you!" he said
"Okay." she said and walked into the building.

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