This Cannot be Happening...

Ok, this is a sex-slave vampire story.

Here is a sneak peak to the first chapter:

Chapter One
I woke up to the smell of smoke. Bolting out of bed, I ran out of my room and into my fathers, he wasn’t there so I ran to the kitchen where I see him, on the ground, unmoving. “Dad!” I call, “Daddy,” I scream after a few seconds. I started to run towards my father when I feel a hand go on my waist.

“NO! Daddy! Daddy help!” I screamed.

“It’s ok, we’re here to help,” I hear a female’s voice.

I turn my head to see a firefighter and I stop struggling.

A few minutes later, I see the firefighters that came in come out, holding stretcher. When the firefighters turn, I saw a body bag on the stretcher and I knew my father was dead. “NO!” I cried falling to my knees, bawling my eyes out.

After several hours had past, I found I had no living relatives so I was to move to an orphanage.

When I walked into the orphanage's door, a bell from the door rang. The two males that was there turned.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Emily's P​OV

Beep, beep. beep, I sighed as I listened to the heat-monitor. It's been two weeks since Alaceya was poisoned again. Xavier has been trying to tell me that he didn't mean to hurt Alaceya, but I didn't believe him. He even told me she was his soul mate. Yeah right.

"Emily," I hear Renee's voice.

I ignore her, knowing she would try to tell me that Xavier was telling the truth, that he is a kind, loving man some more.

"Emily, please, listen to me, Xavier is telling you the truth. Xavier-"

"Renee, how can Xavier be telling me the truth? He abused my best friend, soul mates don't do that to each other," I asked.

"He's Bipolar. If he don't take his med's for a while he gets abusive when angry. He was so caught up in worrying about Lacey, that he forgot to take his med's." Renee told me.

"That is no excuse," I tell her.

"I know, and believe me when I tell you this, I was pissed off at him when I found out what he did to my sister as well. It took me many months to actually forgive him, but I did. Look Emily, I know Lacey's your best friend, but she's my sister. If I could forgive him for hurting my sister that one time, I know you can too if you try," Renee told me.

"I don't want to forgive him, not for forcing himself onto Alaceya, not for him hurting her, not for anything." I tell her.

"It's his job to sleep with her Emily," Renee whispered.

"He could have been more gentle with her though. He acted like all he cared about was her body." I tell her.

"He thought he was being gentle with her though. " Renee whispered.

"Well apparently he wasn't." I tell her.

Renee sighed, "He tried so hard to be nice to Lacey, he gave her warnings when he didn't have to, he tried to connect with her, but she was too angry to see it."

Shock fills my face, "He didn't have to give her warnings?" I asked.

Renee nods her head, "He's the only one that he knows of that gives his slave three warnings, the others just punish their slave."

I looked over at Alaceya's sleeping body, "Not to be rude or anything, but why do you believe him? He could be playing you for all you know." I tell her, not taking my eyes off of my best friend.

"Because, he's the reason I'm alive," Renee replied.

My eyes grew wide, "What do you mean?" I asked.

"As the doctors were taking me to the hospital for an autopsy, the ambulance was attacked by vampires. They were hungry so the ended up killing everyone there. Xavier found smelt the blood and came hurrying over. When he went into the ambulance, he noticed everyone was unmoving. He concentrated on his hearing and heard a faint pulse along with a faint breath. A few split seconds later, he pinpointed the sound to me.

"He undid the body-bag, gave me some blood, and waited for me to heal. However, I was pretty much dead when he gave me his blood, so the blood didn't quite work. He told me after I had died, he knew I was going to come back as a vampire, so he took me somewhere far away from humans, because newly turned vampires will attack at any humans they smell.

"Well anyways, a few months after Lacey ran away from Xavier, Not only had I remembered everything, but had got my blood-lust under control as well." Renee  told me.

I went silent. Xavier had saved Renee's life. With that realization, I came to the conclusion that I will try to forgive Xavier. 

"Ok, I'll try to forgive Xavier," I told Renee.

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