This Cannot be Happening...

Ok, this is a sex-slave vampire story.

Here is a sneak peak to the first chapter:

Chapter One
I woke up to the smell of smoke. Bolting out of bed, I ran out of my room and into my fathers, he wasn’t there so I ran to the kitchen where I see him, on the ground, unmoving. “Dad!” I call, “Daddy,” I scream after a few seconds. I started to run towards my father when I feel a hand go on my waist.

“NO! Daddy! Daddy help!” I screamed.

“It’s ok, we’re here to help,” I hear a female’s voice.

I turn my head to see a firefighter and I stop struggling.

A few minutes later, I see the firefighters that came in come out, holding stretcher. When the firefighters turn, I saw a body bag on the stretcher and I knew my father was dead. “NO!” I cried falling to my knees, bawling my eyes out.

After several hours had past, I found I had no living relatives so I was to move to an orphanage.

When I walked into the orphanage's door, a bell from the door rang. The two males that was there turned.


4. Chapter Four

I woke up to the sound of machines. I turn my head to see Xavier sitting on my bed, holding my hand.

"Hey, what happened back there?" Xavier asked.

I close my eyes, trying not to remember. "Lacey," Xavier told me sternly, though there was a hint of something else in his tone, something I couldn't place.

I sighed, "I don't remember," I tell him, hoping he wouldn't tell I was lying.

"Lacey, just because your hurt doesn't mean you won't get punished when the doctor gives me the ok, so I would tell me the truth if I were you." Xavier spoke.

I close my eyes and suppress a groan. "It was a stupid memory is all." I say, telling him half the truth.

Xavier sighed, "That's two strikes, one more you’re getting punished when the doctor tells me your strong enough." 

This time I couldn't hold back the groan, which made me even more annoyed.

"Lacey, I need the whole truth, now spill." Xavier orders.

I open my eyes and said, "It was when someone broke into my house when it was just me and my little sister. I tried to hide her before the man could get in, but it was too late. One man grabbed me, the other, my little sister. I tried to break free as the man holding my sister took out a knife and put it to her neck. I began to fight harder, as he began to cut my little sisters arm. She started to scream out in pain. I was so desperate to break free that I fell to my knees, hoping the man would let me go enough for me to knock him out and save my little sister. However, he just grabbed on to me and went down on his knees with me. I then began to scream at the man.
"I could tell my sister was fading, as her legs began to wobble, her eyes began to droop. I kept yelling at him to stop, that he's killing her, but he wouldn't listen. Soon, my sister went limp, but the man kept cutting her. Soon he stopped, checked her pulse, and dropped her. He smirked and said, 'She's dead.' That's when my sobs broke lose. Just then, the door broke down, and cops came in. One of them managed to get me away from the man holding on to me.  After that, the two men went to jail. After I testified, they were sentenced life in prison."

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