A new girl in town

Kayesha comes from the country of Brazil, so she knows no one when she comes to California. Everyone makes fun of her because of her accent and her language. Until, one of the most popular guy shows up to the rescue...(there may be somethings that you have to be mature to read. If you aren't, then skip the chapter *Disturbing News*


13. Hospital

One thing is that I can't tell anyone what Lula told me. Her reputation would be ruined and she would get into a lot of trouble. Also, her and her brother will hate me for the rest of their lives. I'm not going to bust anyone. When I was walking, I tripped on a tight rope. I fell down and looked up. "Hey Kayesha, you're gonna pay for what you did." Abigail said. "Huh?" I said groggily. I didn't know what was happening and I was being hit. "You little snitch." "Fag." I heard a deep voice call out to me. I didn't know who it was. All I know was that I was being targeted. I heard more names but I can't name them all. The same guy kicked me in the eye. Then in my thigh. I groaned in pain. Abigail pulled me up not to help me but to punch me more in the face. She gave me a really bad bloody nose. I heard a scream. Two to be exact. Then everything turned black.

I woke up and tried to call the two people but they didn't hear me or they ignored me. The 2 people were Zayn and Lula. Oh man. They looked enraged. I needed help. Who would call the ambulance? Abigail Harrison? Hell no. She's too smart to do something like that to cause the attention. "Abigail Harrison! I can't believe that you would do such a thing!" Lula screamed at her. "It was payback." She said vaguely. "For what?" Lula raised her eyebrows. "For getting my boyfriend and me suspended." "It's for your own good. For hacking to her account on Instagram and fake posting a pic that was supposedly her." "Wait, how do you know?" She asked Lula. "Everyone heard about it. Kayesha doesn't have the guts to tell me before she gets into a lot of trouble." Lula shrugged. Zayn ran to me. "Kayesha! Wake up!" He shook me. "Come on girl. Get up, please." They shook me for a long time. "Call the ambulance Zayn." He nods. "Abby, I won't tell it was you, but you gotta stay with me, okay?" Lula placed her hand on the shoulder. "I won't be blamed?" "No, you went through a lot of trouble in your life. Why add more pain?" That was interesting. 'You went through a lot of trouble. Why add more pain?' Abigail nodded. Zayn went up to Lula. "They're on their way." For the first time I was here, I "saw" Abigail crying. "Wake up Kayesha." My name was echoed until I woke up.

"Kayesha?" My mom asked with worry. "Mom." I hugged her in the arms. "My baby." She rubs my hair. "Mom, I'll be fine." "How did this happen?" She asked. I discreetly looked at Lula and shook her head. "I was beaten up." I told my mom. ''By who?" I discreetly looked at Lula again and she shook her head vigorously. "By some gangsters." I lied. "Oh my poor sweetheart." She hugged me again. I just realized that I was in the hospital. It was cold and the room was plain white. "Ma'am? Daughter of Kayesha Romeo?" My mom nodded. "Exactly how did she get hurt?" "She was beaten up by some gangsters." My mom said. "Hmm." "Mom, where's Dad?" "He's working overtime." "Okay." I said in a rasp voice. "By the way, you'll be here overnight." My face was really discourage. Zayn was nowhere to be seen. "Oh, if wondering girl, his parents came for him and grabbed him by the collar of his jacket." Lula said. It was as if she read my mind. "Kyesha, I'll be back in an hour or until your father gets back. Just get comfortable. Okay?" My mom sounded really worried. I nodded. "Kay, I need to go. So does Abby." Abigail continues to cry. When they left, my tears poured out as if it was a flood. I was crying really hard. I wanted my old life back. I wanted Dinah and Dayna. They made me laugh. I missed my old life.

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