A new girl in town

Kayesha comes from the country of Brazil, so she knows no one when she comes to California. Everyone makes fun of her because of her accent and her language. Until, one of the most popular guy shows up to the rescue...(there may be somethings that you have to be mature to read. If you aren't, then skip the chapter *Disturbing News*


12. Disturbing news

My mouth was gaped when I looked at them. They were kissing with passion. "Lula Aavedra!" I hissed. Both her and her brother let go. "Uh, Kayesha...I didn't know you were...coming." She scratched the back of her head. "What are you thinking of?" I asked her with outrage. She sighed. "Uh, Kayesha. We have something to say. This secret was kept for a long time." The brother said. "What's your name?" I asked. "Danny." He said vaguely. "So...ready to hear this?" I nodded vigorously. "Okay, here it goes."

"Lula and Danny, we're going to be gone for a week. I trust you two that you won't throw any parties that are wild and vicious." Dad said. "We won't Dad." He nods in approval. "Good, Daphne, let's go." "Coming Larry." They dragged their suitcases and went to their car. "Goodbye Lula and Danny." Mom waved. "Bye, we promise we won't do anything bad." Danny and Lula crossed their chests. They drove off. "Come on Lula let's head for Dorney Park." "Sure, that sounds like fun." They went to Pennsylvania and had too much fun. Lula nearly swallowed the chlorine water and Danny...well he gotten lost. "That was so much fun, wasn't it Danny?" "It was." They high-fived each other. They went back home and watched TV. Then they went to bed. The next morning, Lula found herself in her underwear. 'I must have took my gown off unconsciously.' She thought. Danny didn't bother knocking on the door and saw her. 'Woah, she looks gooood.' He thought. "Danny!" She hissed. "Sorry Lula." He gave a sheepish smile. "Get out." She pushed him playfully. "I'm going to take a shower now." He just shrugged. He watched her leaving in her towel. 'The feelings are so wrong. Completely wrong. But I can't help it.' He thought hopelessly. "Danny! I need your help!" He grinned mentally. 'This might be my chance.' He thought. "Okay." He came in and saw her with her hair full of shampoo. "Please help me scrub my hair." She said sweetly. "If you say so." He scrubs her hair. Then he started touching her leg. Then went up to her waist. 'That feels really good but it's so wrong.' Lula thought as she gave a really low moan. He tilted her head and kissed her. She kissed him back suddenly. They kissed for a while. He went to her neck. She moans as he went to her chest. She threw her head back. Lula couldn't think straight. Neither can Danny. She still couldn't think straight and realized that he was widening her legs. She cried as he went between her legs. "Danny, if we're going to do that...again, can we do it in your room?" She asked, trembling. "Sure Lula. You tasted good." He grabbed her hair and pulled her head down and kissed her neck. "Mmmm. I want this badly." He moaned. "Me too." She moaned quietly. To end this "make-love" they kissed with a lot of passion

"Well Kayesha?" Lula asked. "Uh, it's...interesting? Did you-" Just then my phone rang. "Hello?" I said. There was no answer. I hung up. "So...don't tell anyone." Danny said. "Yeah, we'll be busted big time." Lula said. I nodded. "Okay. I'm leaving...so goodbye." "Bye." I left. That was really disturbing. 

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