A new girl in town

Kayesha comes from the country of Brazil, so she knows no one when she comes to California. Everyone makes fun of her because of her accent and her language. Until, one of the most popular guy shows up to the rescue...(there may be somethings that you have to be mature to read. If you aren't, then skip the chapter *Disturbing News*


8. Cyber-bullying

The nurse had to call home either way so my parents know what happened. My mom didn't like what she heard. "Kayesha, are you okay?" "Yeah mom, I'm fine now." "Who would do such a thing?" She kissed my forehead as if I was a baby. "Mom, I'm fine, trust me." I told her. "Okay then." When we got home, my mom told my dad everything. "Are you okay?" He asked me. "Yeah dad, I'm fine now." I groaned. "I have homework to do." I went upstairs and went online. I also went on Instagram. It was the way I can communicate with the twins and my other friends in Brazil. I looked closer into my area. There was a picture of me stripping. I didn't post anything ever since I came here. The last time I did was 3 weeks before I left Brazil. That was when I was still with Dinah and Dayna. I didn't have to chat with Instagram back then since I was at home, where everything was perfect for me. I wanted to cry. A lot of messages were there. Some schoolmates called me a slut, whore, faggot etc. Some positive comments were like I'm cute, sexy when I was "stripping" (I really didn't post anything online). I told my mom and dad this and they became worried. "I'll notify the principal right away." My mom said. I started crying. I never exposed myself and my parents believed me. "Mrs. Romeo? How may I help you?" "My daughter was exposed inappropriately." "How?" "Someone posted a picture of her that she never done." "We can have a talk about this tomorrow. First thing Mrs. Romeo." "Thank you sir." My mom hangs up. "Well?" "First thing when you get to school, we're gonna have a talk." "Okay." The next day, Zayn was waiting for me. "Wow, I can't believe you would post something like that." He told me. "I'm telling you, I didn't post anything like that." "Okay then." Lula came up to me. "Wow Kayesha, I didn't know you were a two-faced girl." She told me angrily. "Lula, you have to believe me, I would never post anything like that." I begged. 'Hmm, okay then." We got on the bus. "So, there's the slut who posted herself a pic. Hmm?" Abigail sneers. I glared at her. When we arrived, the principal was there and so was my mom. "Okay Mrs. Romeo, tell me, what happened." "My daughter found a picture that looked like her." "Did she post it?" "No, she would never do a thing like that." I was thinking it could be Louis. "Everyone's gonna hate you once they see what you really are "

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