A new girl in town

Kayesha comes from the country of Brazil, so she knows no one when she comes to California. Everyone makes fun of her because of her accent and her language. Until, one of the most popular guy shows up to the rescue...(there may be somethings that you have to be mature to read. If you aren't, then skip the chapter *Disturbing News*


2. Brazil onto to USA

I love Brazil. I was born there. My twin friends Dinah and Dayna and I were playing around when my parents came. "Kayesha, we are going to the United States, isn't that exciting?" My father exclaimed with happiness. My face went from happiness to sadness. "Seriously mom and dad?" "Yes." I gave them a forced smile. When they left, I started crying. "Don't worry Kayesha, we'll call you frequently." They tried to keep my hopes up but it was no use. My parents were done packing by the time I got inside. "We started packing from last week. Everything went in here Kayesha." I sighed with tension. "It isn't gonna be fun without you." Dinah sighed wearily. "Don't worry, when I get there, I'll call you guys. Okay?" "Okay Kayesha, goodbye." We cried into each other's arms. When my dad started driving, I watched Dinah and Dayna waving at me...We got to the airport. "Come on sunshine, we're going to the USA." "Dad, please." I whined. "Okay." I hate flying on planes. They make me feel nervous. Especially after 9/11. "Don't worry Kayesha, we're gonna have a better life than in Brazil." "Mom, my life was perfect there." I explained. "You don't understand Kayesha. We had very bad financial problems. We couldn't pay the monthly after your father lost his job 2 weeks ago." "I know but couldn't we live with the twins. At least until he found a job again?" My mom shook her head. "I'm sorry Kayesha, things don't work out like that." She sighed sadly. I slumped in my seat. There was a flight attendant who was bugging me.

"May I help you?" I asked rudely. "Would you like a little something?" She asked. Her name tag says Renee. "Yes..Renee, I would like a milkshake." "Young lady, they don't serve milkshakes on this particular airline." "Seriously?" I became furious. "Sorry." "Then I would have fat yogurt then." "Coming right up." "Seriously Kayesha?" My mom angrily whispered. "Yes mom, I'm starving. You also said not to starve yourself, so I'm not disobeying you." "You have a point." She smirked. We weren't going to land for another 3 hours. I was getting bored and sleepy..."Welcome to USA!" My mom screamed in my ear. "Mom!" I looked around. I guess I was carried off from the plane. "It already looks good." "What state are we in?" I asked. "California. Why?" "Just curious. Are we going to LA?" "No. We're going to San Francisco." I wasn't happy about that. "It's okay Kayesha, we're close to LA. If that helps you." "I guess." I sighed. "New school on Monday, okay?" "Okay." I sighed again. When we got to our new home, it wasn't a pretty sight. "It needs fixing but we can do that as a family, right guys?" "Right Don." My mom says. "Right dad." We had a lot of cleaning to do that week. It wasn't a great start for me entering California but it was worth it. Just then a girl with purple hair and I think with brown eyes looked at me. "Who are you?" "I'm Kayesha Romeo." I stuttered. "Do you have a stuttering problem?" The girl asked. "I'm new around here." I explained. "Oh, so where are you from?" She asked. "Brazil." I answered. "I think Brazil is cool." The girl expressed her opinion. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. My name is Lula. If you were wondering." "Cool name." "I live right next door. If you need help, I'm here." ''Thanks Lula." She goes back home. Wow, I made one new friend.

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