perries little sister ( louis tomlinson love story)ON HOLD

Perrie Edward's little sister Isabella Edwards happens to live with Perrie but what happens when Louis and Eleanor brake up and he falls for izzy and izzy falls for Louis and everyone hates it and they start hateing eachother what will happen if she ends up with another boy from the band will Louis try in his way to get her back or will he sit back and watch as she falls in love with someone different to cover up her feelings for Louis


3. durring the wedding and after

                                          Isabellas pov

                                 everyone got up because the organ started playing I tok a step forwards and saw a lot of people I didn't know and people I did know like mum and Megan and Jared was there.Ilooked at Lou who woul't stop stareing into Zayn elbowed him. I giggled trying to hid my face in the little bouqent of flowers we carried one I got up ther I stood to the side and watched as Louis  little sister and zayn's little sister  walked down as the flower girls they both  droped their   basket and all the flower petals fell out they  shrugged and threw them up in the air and quickly walked towards me. And the ring holder happened to be Megan's little brother he smiled and walked towards Louis.Then perrie walked out and Louis whispered my name I turned towards him and he started goofing off which made me laugh. once Perrie got towards zayn he put out his hand and she took it. she wedding he smiled slightly at me and I smiled slightly back.

during the wedding

                        "do you Zayn Javadd Mailk take Perrie Louise Edwards as your wife" the preacher asked and zayn smiled "I do"  he said "and do you Perrie Louise Edwards take Zayn Javadd Mailk as your husband" the preacher asked "I do" she said and they smiled "then in the power vested in me I prounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride" the preacher said and Zayn and perrie kissed Louis made kissing face and I laughed. once they broke apart "ill be at the after party with zayn" Perrie said I smiled and nodded she smiled and laughed.eve4rbody followed I was fixen to go when I felt a tug on my dressed. I looked down to see the little girls. I crouched down. "yes girls " I said "may you help us pick up the petals" they asked "I smiled and nodded as I walked down the stairs and walked towards the petals and picking them and putting them in the baskets. Once we finished the girls ran out I smiled and grabed the two baskets and walked up the stairs and put them on the stairs. I stared at the cross that was above and rembered when I was 12 we were here for our grandma's funeral then our mums and dads funeral. "your so sweet" I heard a voice say I turned around to see Louis."where is everyone Louis" I asked "already at the after party Perrie asked me to give you a ride there she gave me her keys since I rode here with zayn and you rode here with Perrie" he said smileing. "oh ok" I replied and walked down the stairs and triped I was waiting for the impact for the floor but it never came.I opened my eye to se the lou caught me "these damn heals" I said and he laughed ": I should have known" he said as we both leaned in and we kissed.It felt like wonderful it was like I was hearing angles singing and everything.Once we pulled back he smirked."you have no clue how long I wanted to do that" he said and I laughed your probely right I don't know how long" I said and he smiled he took his hand in mine as we walked down the isle."so mrs Tomlinson I here that this wasn't our wedding" I started laughing "im not Mrs. Tomlinson  I said im Mrs Edwards" he laughed and picked me up bridle tyle and carried me to the car "not to day to day your Mrs. Tomlinson" he said as he opened my door and put me in.

                             at the After party   still izzys pov

                          I watched as Louis danced with his youngest sister I laughed and smiled when niall came up. "hey bella wanna dance" he asked I smiled and nodded .we got on ther dance floor and we started dancing ."he twirled me around as I laughed but then I fell into the arms of Louis and Niall winked at him and Louis smiled at me."hey princess what ya doing" he asked and I laughed "I have a feeling that Niall only asked me to dance cuz it was part of your plan to get me to dance with you " I said "damn it" he muttered and I laughed "im right arnt I" he nodded I smiled then he kissed me but then I was pulled back my Zayn  "I told you not to do that Tomlinson " I heard him say before  Perrie headed me off with the girls

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